Sheriff "Jackson" Lua Wang

May Day Field Sheriff


A surly old ex-military pilot. He doesn’t fly much anymore but he commands enough respect from the community to keep the peace. Not everybody at the Field gets along, but disputes and confrontations are bad for business. At least the old timer is around
to keep things in line.

Jackson flew choppers for a Gansu warlord named Mu Jin-Kia for many years and his family was used as leverage to make him do terrible things. His wife and his 2 year old son were killed in front of both of them when he refused to fly one of the warlords Death Squads into a village in southern Gansu (a village where Jackson had family). He doesn’t described how how they were killed, but it was indescribably horrible. He was able to escape Mu with his 6 year old Daughter Rivet. They ended up on the opposite side of the country at the newly formed May Day Field where Jackson began doing Chopper missions for hire. He has since worked his way up the ladder and now practically runs May Day Field.

To this day Mu Jin-Kia is the only warlord in Gansu May Day Field does not cater to.

Sheriff "Jackson" Lua Wang

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