Malakai Hodgins IV

AKA Doc Headshot, Street Doc and Chrome Dealer


Doc Headshot doesn’t trust anyone working for the corps. He actually took the extraordinary step of calling Dr. Nick and telling him to lose his number when he found out that he’d taken a job with Wuxing.


Born into money, Malakai Hodgins the 4th was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. Like his father, his father’s father, and his father before him, Malakai grew up on the family estate and attended a world class medical college. In his spare time, he and his father would participate in wild game hunts on their land, learning his way around sporting rifles and how to hunt both domestic and exotic beasts. Granted, the game was often rigged with either the prey being somewhat subdued or with the entire family out to flush and corner it. Using his natural talents and family resources, he became a well accomplished surgeon in both the biologic and cybernetic. Yes, what with his education, family name, and a blossoming romance, Malakai Hodgins IV was on the fast track to earning his right to take over the family estate. But then it happened. That one moment…that one last patient…a short glimpse is all it took.

Helping those in need, regardless of race, creed, religion, or background is the pride and right of a Medical Surgeon. One is raised believing that doing good for others will reward one in kind. Well, not when one opens an injured man’s skull to find highly top secret and completely unidentifiable cyberware within. Now a wanted man, in connection to crimes he was never meant to know exist, Malakai is forced to follow this man, Declan, out of the country and into the shadows…

…The profession of running often comes with a steep price. Not many become successful, in fact, most end up dead. Malakai nearly witnessed death first hand…a Russian first hand… he has decided to leave the front line and put his skills as a surgeon to better use as a street doc…once he recovers from his head wound.

He later saved a near dead runner, Silvertongue and now the two of them run a secondhand cyberware business thanks to an off-the-books relationship with the local Red Cross and law enforcement.

Malakai Hodgins IV

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