kirikara no shinto

An Ancient Shinto Sect from The Genpei War


A sect of Shinto ism that worships the Fallen Samurai Minamoto no Yoshinaka that defeated the Kana-Oni at the Battle of Kirikara in 1183 AD.

The Genpei war was held from 1180-1185 between the Minamoto and Taira Clans. Originally thought to be fought over a disagreement for nominees for the Japaneese Throne. It was later discovered the Taira no Kiyomori was actually influenced by the Kana-Oni, a great Demon know for its manipulative powers over men and his attempt to place a Figure of power on the Japanesse thrown who was under his influence.

Seeing that the Minamoto clan was turning the tide in the Battle against his influenced Taira forces Kana-Oni stepped in to assist possessing the Body of Taira No Kiyomori. Yoshinaka was savy to the Taira clans true influence and had , the Sword Kobiyashi made with the sole purpose of slaying the Oni.

Yohsinaka slew the Oni in first and only stroke the Kobiyashi ever took removing Kiyomori’s head. As kiyomori’s head flew from his shoulders the Head morphed into the that of the Demon’s. The head was gathered by Shinto priests and destroyed. These preists formed the Karikara sect in honor of the Battle as well as Yoshinaka.


kirikara no shinto

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