[Contact] Robin Li

Wuxing VP Hong Kong Operations


陆秀兰 (Lu Xiùlán) Contact

Connection: 6
Loyalty: 4


Robin is a young up-and-comer at Wuxing. He and Xiùlán had the good fortune to meet as both of them were coming into their careers, and one of Xiùlán’s first jobs with Proper Consulting was some light corporate espionage. While Xiùlán’s crew were bagging some design prototypes from Miro-Ichi, they uncovered photos of Robin with another man that were being used to blackmail Robin. Xiùlán’s team destroyed the evidence, and Robin was then able to secure a promotion as well as expose Miro-Ichi’s mole in their company, bringing him great acclaim from the higher-ups at Wuxing. Ever since then, Robin and Xiùlán have been pretty tight, and whenever possible, Robin tries to send work her way or do a favor when he can.

[Contact] Robin Li

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