Heavily Chromed Orc Combat Hacker


“I have heard alot of talk about god recently, so I thought I would throw in my own two cents. Here is my theory. Maybe, just maybe it’s a concept that’s similar to zero in mathamatics. In other words it’s a symbol that denies the absense of meaning. Just like how zero is a symbol for nothing god is a term used to define the unknown. These two terms define meanings that are necesitated by the deliniation of one system from another. To put it another way, zero seperates positive from negative, and god seperates life from death. Thus in analog thats god, in digital its zero.”

-Joseph Byruck

*Before he became the entity known as “Z3R0”

Z3R0 is an old timer on the Hong Kong hacking scene, Although not being social in person, he fits right in on the matrix, which is the easiest place to find him (if he wants you to). His cyberdeck is older then most runners, and his mentality is more similar to your grandfather then a co-worker. However, If you need someone to get in, get the data, get out he is your man.

Z3R0 will work for Nuyen



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