Dwarf Male, late 40’s
Karma (Total/Current): 65 / 11
Movement (Walk/Run): 8 / 20
Cash (New Yen): 53505

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes Special Attributes
Body: 5 Charisma: 1 Edge: 1 Current Edge: 1
Agility: 3 Intuition: 1 Essence: 5.3 Astral Init: N/A
Reaction: 3 Logic: 5 Initiative: 4 Matrix Init: N/A
Strength: 4 Willpower: 2 Magic / Resonance: 0 Init Passes: 1
Primary Active Skills RTG ATT
Armorer 1 LOG
Automotive Mechanic (Chuckles Style) 3(5) LOG
Hardware 3 LOG
Pilot Anthroforms (Biped) 2(4) REA
Pistols (Heavy) 2(4) AGI
Software 3 LOG
Secondary Active Skills RTG ATT
Aeronautics Mechanic 1 LOG
Automatics 2 AGI
Blades 1 AGI
Chemistry (Booze) 1(3) LOG
Computer 3 LOG
Cybercombat 2 LOG
Data Search 3 LOG
Demolitions 3 LOG
Diving (Salvage) 1(3) BOD
Dodge 1 REA
Electronic Warfare 2 BOD
First Aid 1 LOG
Forgery (Vehicle Keys) 3(5) AGI
Hacking 2 LOG
Heavy Weapons 1 AGI
Industrial Mechanic 2 LOG
Locksmith 2 AGI
Longarms 2 AGI
Nautical Mechanic (Chuckles Style) 3(5) LOG
Pilot Ground Craft 2 REA
Pilot Watercraft 2 REA
Perception 2 INT
Parachuting (HALO) 1(3) BOD
Etiquette (Slums/Dives/Shit Holes) 1(3) CHA
Navigation (Sewers) 1(3) INT
Knowledge Skills RTG ATT
Knowledge Chemistry 3 LOG
Knowledge Junkyards 3 LOG
Knowledge Engineering 3 LOG
Knowledge Computer Systems 3 LOG
Knowledge Sewers 3 LOG
Language (Mandarin,Cantonese)
Contacts Connection Loyalty
Jim Junkyard 6 6
Porsche 3 2
Topper Bottoms 2 1
Macao Zoning Committee Member* 4 2

*Name forgotten by Chuckles

Arsenal Damage AP Mode RC Ammo
Colt 2066 “The Governor”* 5P -1 SA 1 14c
Remington 950* 8P -1 SS - 5m

*Metahuman Custom (Dwarf)

Armor Ballistic / Impact
Form-Fitting Body Armor* 9/6

*Full-Body Suit, Fire Resistance 2, Helmet, Leg and Arm Casings, Vitals Protector

[GAZ P-179]


The Chuckles Incident
On April 3rd 2043 the city of Panyu and surrounding area had a power outage that last 4 days and affect roughly 2 million people. A small unseen force we will refer to as “Chuckles” used this opportunity to aggravate the local population which was already disapproving of the current ruling party and poor socioeconomic state of the region. The resulting protests and riots destabilized the government allowing the current regime to seize power. The identity of the provocateurs referred to as “Chuckles” is unknown. The power outage was a result of a large fire at a regional power station. The fence around the power station had been cut opened and a Gummy Gum 4000 gumball machine was crudely wired to one of the transformers. The only other evidence to survive the fire was a crudely written note on the side of the tempered transformer with a marker. Only one word was legible, “Chuckles”.

Informants within the current ruling party have claim that they were behind uprising. Employing mercenaries from surrounding areas they were able to aggravate the local population to act in a desirable manor. However the fire was not a result of the mercenaries’ actions nor was the resulting uprising. The entity, group, or individual referred to as “Chuckles” identity is still unknown. It is believed that this is a 3rd party that is influencing the region for an unknown agenda.

To Be Continued

Chuckles Theme Song; Fuck Authority

This section will list all character upgrades, cost, and date.

Upgrade Cost Availability Date Approved
Smartgun System on the Colt 2066 500Y 6R May 14 2013 Pending
Skill Etiquette (Slums) 6K - May 19 2013 Pending
Skill Navigation (sewers) 6K - May 19 2013 Pending
Knowlegde (Sewers) 7K - May 19 2013 Pending


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