[Contact] Zhang Xin

CEO of Proper Consulting


陆秀兰 (Lu Xiùlán) Contact
Connection : 5
Loyalty: 6


Xin and Xiùlán initially became acquainted about seven years ago when Xiùlán first started working at Wang Microsystems. Proper Consulting offers a full array of normal consulting services in addition to their “premium” services, and Wang would often retain Proper to do audits and other mundane financial projects. Xiùlán often was their liason, and over the course of two years worth of lunches and meetings, Xin and Xiùlán grew to become friends. When Xin felt comfortable enough, she explained to Xiùlán that she felt Xiùlán’s magical talents were being wasted in a normal corporate job, something that Xiùlán had worried about privately for some time. When Xin offered a job shadowrunning for profit, Xiùlán was ready to go. Not only would she be able to hone her magic talents (Xin is also a practitioner, albeit narrowly focused in the psionics field), but she would be working for a fellow woman, something rather rare in the macho upper echelon of the Corps.

As one of the only women to ascend the corporate ranks, she also is the subject of a number of rumors from the mundane (that she’s sleeping with x or y corporate leader) to the magnificent (she’s made a pact with a dragon or demon, she’s a goddess incarnate, she’s a powerful lich, etc.), but all of those are unsubstantiated to this point.

[Contact] Zhang Xin

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