Supply Procurement: CPT Develyn

TO: Cpt Michelle Develyn
FROM: Declan O’Malley AKA Dredger

I suppose I’ll cut right to it. I need some items, and some of them might be hard to come across for someone like myself. I’m trying to outfit a Combat Boat 90H (CB90H) with some hardware.

  • I’ll be needing some LMG’s for the sides, belt fed with some ammo cans to keep sustained fire.
  • I’m looking at some kind of autocannon for the bow, fixed position. Perhaps the GE Vanquisher? (pg. 124 of Arsenal book)
  • Do you know of any systems that would make it easier for the pilot to acquire targets with this weapon? I had the idea of using the Enhanced Image Screen found in cars and smartlinking that to the weapon system. I’m sure a tech out there could rig the system to make it work.
  • Know of any lightweight armoring systems to bulk up the cabin area at all? I just want to make sure the pilot remains intact if things get hairy.
  • Lastly, some kind of ECM system so it would be hard for anyone to scan us and lock on with, say…some kind of cruise missile and blow us to shit.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, I’m open to them. Any help you can give would be appreciated, Michelle. Yes, I have the funds for a lot of what I asked for. But myself and the crew I’m with MAY be available for some favors you can think of that might make it easier for us to acquire these items. I know it will take some time, but I don’t see that being a problem. Thanks for the help.


P.S. There may be alterations and additions to the list as I hear more and more from my team. Just an FYI.


Realy Dredger?…Really? You call a list like that "Items"That is some serious hardware you are requesting.

Tell you what, there is a crate of Ingram White Knights coming in toward the end of the week for resoration. I could probably get a pair of them labeled as scrap for… lets say 3500 each.(Core Book Page 321)

Concerning improving you ships aim, either practice yourself (Improve your gunnery skill) or buy a good sensor improvement and gunnery programs for your ships onboard system… wait… does that thing even have a computer? If not you may need to talk to a rigger about that.

Similar story with an ECM. The best I could posiibly get you is an old system off a decompisioned striker (rating 4). It wont stop an incoming top of the line Krup missile but it will jam up the cheap stuff.However, you need an electrical guy to install it which could take a few days (1 day intervals, takes 20 hits). I could probably get you that around the same time as those white knights come in this week, for.. lets say 4500.

Armor, shouldn’t be that hard. Just give me the dimensions of your command cabin and I can put in a work order at the shop to have some plate laser cut for you. However the shop is ultra backed up and it would probably take 2 weeks to get you your peices. The cabin wouldn’t be able to take a AT round, but it should blow off small arms fire pretty easily (Cabin armor would become 10). 5500 for the armor plates.

Now, I like to save the best for last. First off, there is no point in getting a big gun for your boat if you dont have the system to aim it. But, lets say you bought a solid system (ratings in the 4-5 range for System, Signal, Firewall, Response with the right gunnery and pilot programs at rating 2-3) I can get you something really impressive.If you want to talk more about it, take me to dinner next week when you pickup the white knights.


Supply Procurement: CPT Develyn

Those White Knights sound like a plan to me. And so does dinner to discuss this other “impressive” item you mentioned. Find a nice place to sit down for a bite while we chat, and I’ll come pick you up.

Does the ship have a computer…terribly good question, and I’ll have to get back to you on that! As for the ECM, I don’t suspect we’ll be meeting up with anything high end military. Just in case we meet some pirates further out to sea that might have gotten their hands on some kind of handheld/lock on system.

I like that armor idea as well. I might try and get my maintenance guy to weld up some gunner plates for the White Knight platforms for the sides. I mean…if we are shooting at someone, I’m sure they’ll want to kill the gunner. Little bit of cover will be nice. Unless you have some extra’s from turret mounts on older vehicles…that just need to be gotten rid of for a cheap price. Not cutting, not fabricating. Just some more nuyen and less on your inventory.

I have some gunnery skill and know my way around heavy weapons, but I have a feeling I’m the only one that has a history that made this possible. Kind of why I like the White Knight suggestion with all of it’s recoil comp.

Real quick…do you have any kind of clip fed grenade launchers laying around? Or just grenades? They really are such a force multiplier, and I am surprised I haven’t picked anything like that up! So yeah, don’t worry about the price for dinner. Pick a nice place, if that will help my cause. You’re a real gem, Michelle. Thanks again.

Supply Procurement: CPT Develyn

P.S. Maybe some decent armor as well? Nothing heavy…I’m not storming the gates of hell or anything! But an armored jacket just doesn’t feel right compared to the good ol’ days.

Supply Procurement: CPT Develyn

Thursday, Pick me up around 8pm and we can go to the Shangri La on the Southern Coast.


Supply Procurement: CPT Develyn

Sounds like a done deal. I will call today and make reservations to make sure we’ll be set for Thursday.


Supply Procurement: CPT Develyn

Pick me up in front of the Combat Inc Main Entry at 8pm. See you then Hun.

Supply Procurement: CPT Develyn

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