Overkill Session 9 (1/31)

Part 1
Declan O’Malley AKA Dredger meets with Contact Cpt Michelle Develyn.

  • Dredger buys a nice suit for the occasion as the Shangri La Restaurant is a classy joint, that’s why he is bringing the rover… the interior looks like homeless people live it
  • She informs dredger that her superiors know she is communicating with him and his team, in fact they support her in doing so. As long as there is a profit made on the items she sells, and she doesnt short the Corp she wont have problems. Plus making deals with runners incentivizes other jobs.
  • Michelle offers a job to Defend Combat Inc Assets in Gansu to get the rail gun for the boat during cease fire
  • They make their deal in a nearby parking ramp, 2 Ingram white knights, 1 MGL-6 and 2 sets of worn riot armor 5/8
  • She shows Dredger the rail gun to drive the point home that Combat Inc is serious about this job.

Part 2

  • The Team drives the boat over to Hong Kong to pickup the suppliers & dredger does not want to drive them back through the tunnel
  • Dredger meets with Tesa to discuss what mods would need to be done to the boat in order to setup the new gun (Computerize the boat 4/4/4/4 for 32K nuyen)
  • The group discusses this new job
  • The team finds out that Contact Malakai Hodgins IV and Contact Scar-face Cho were hired to also go to Gansu and support Combat Inc assets
  • They accept the mission
  • Everyone get a a number assigned as well as a linked Combat Inc Alias
  • Dredger aka Slowpitch (17)
  • Tenryu aka Tanto (5)
  • Chuckles aka Hans Blowpipe HBP (1)
  • BMW aka Beef (13)
  • Cowl calls the team for … yet another mission.. this time its in Gansu to pickup a large 6-8ft cylinder, he said they know it when they see it. Its located at a abandoned science facility in the northern gansu jungle… 20K nuyen each… he needs it done, no questions and his client is willing to pay
  • So now the team has 3 missions on their plate for Gansu
  • The team then spends the next 12 days preparing
  • After some hassles with a boat that tried to shoot down the plane at takeoff the team is able to land in Gnasu. However another runner needed to be parachuted in with them due to sustaining injuries from the boat attack.
  • The team arrives at May Day Field after stabilizing the fallen runner



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