Overkill Session 4 (11/5)

After Defeating the Russian thugs at [[:tesa | [Contact] Testarosa Soriyama “Tesa”]] shop the Team met Punch & Judy when they came in to rescue the team on their combat bike. The bodies were promptly cleaned up and the scene was evacuated prior to the police showing up.

The team, with Punch & Judy, re-grouped at their Boat docked in Kai Tak. Here they spoke with punch and judy about why they were diggin up dirt on them. Punch and judy informed the team that the less they know the better and that their run-in with the Vory memebers was led by Kir Morgan a very skilled assassin who was original sent to kill Punch and Judy (and their entire run team) due to a Failed Shadowrun for Miro-Ichi Corp 4 years ago.

Once Punch and Judy Departed the Black Moth Witch and Dredger proceeded to Dante’s Inferno to meet with Baby Jo Johnson. Instead of meeting Baby Jo BMW has a small run-in with Carloni Del Greco and through good negotiotion skills and a decption spell is able to get out unscathed. Dredger meets with the “Muscle” support sent from Proper by the name of Tenryu Taketa, who was actaully hired by Baby Jo via Proper Consulting as a body Guard.

Tenryu (after a bit of communications errors) leaves Dante’s with the team and takes them to see Baby Jo. Upon meeting with a bruised and Batered Baby Jo, the team learns of his Wheeling and Dealing with both the Del Greco Mafia, and the Yakuza borrowing money to pay for Punch and Judys Urban Brawl contracts as well as bet money to help him get out of debt. We wanted the team to find dirt on the Duo to make sure he had some ammo incase they were tempted to through the Super Brawl Game. He had no idea how deep this info would go and in the end everyone got over their head.

Upon getting paid the Team and Tenryu went into hiding for the next five days in their boat off shore. During this time the Super Brawl game took place and an epic massacre ensued, Majority of the polace not know the trutch behind what they saw on screen. However the teams knows at the game where Kir Morgan assassinated the Wuxing Warriors, posed as them during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the match and proceeded the assisnate the entire Hong Kong Hellrazer team on live vid. Heck, even a Dragon of unknown origins made an appearance while it vaporized a Hellrazer Combat Bike. It was also reported the following day that Baby Jo was found dead in a South Shore apartment complex.



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