Overkill Session 20 (7/24)

  • BMW speaks with Misucachu one last time before they depart. They mediated on the story that arisen about the Kirakara no Shinto and a small phrase comes into their minds. An old japaneese slang term “Oni Ni Kanabo”, it litterally translates as “To Give an Oni an Iron Club”. In slang terms it means “To make the strong, stronger”
  • The team does a bit more prep work for the mission (ammo)
  • The group begins to see the plot come togather and comes to a cross roads, do they continue working for Cowl or not? The Team beleives he is an ancient Oni.
  • The team decides for now to proceed with the mission and Tenryu & dredger infiltrates the Freighter
  • Dredger & Tenryu get spotted by the crew, they immediately engage the crew with flash bang grenades, stick and shock rounds and hand to hand combat
  • WHile fighting with the crew one of them slips away… and summons a blood spirit… yup



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