Overkill Session 19 (6/11)

  • The team climbs aboard the sub and meets its 2 man crew Joyo & Darma, former Malaysian sailors. On board as well is a 7-8 year old boy how refers to Dr Carol as his mother
  • The team speaks a bit to Dr Owens about her past, and some of her previous job positions. Overall the trip is uneventful. Carol and her son Perry (the boy from the boat) are brought back to Cowl without issue
  • Cowl gives the team a few days off, but he has a job involving their boat coming up
  • The team starts to prep their boat for cowls job.
  • Cowls job is to intercept a Freighter
    • The Kobayashi Maru is following the southern section of the Japaneese trench, the deepest part of the Western Pacific Ring.
    • The ship Is departing in a few days in route and the team must recover an item from its hold.
    • Transport crate # 4572, Zone 2, 5th Crate, Item Number 35271
    • The item is labeled in the manifest as Construction Material a 2ft x 2ft cement block
  • The team prepares for the journey


As I’m going through my items for the trip, I find the top-shelf slivovitz I purchased for Tesa and give it to her… Nearly forgot that I’d purchased that!

Overkill Session 19 (6/11)

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