Overkill Session 18 (6/20)

  • Through some security research via dredger and Tenryu, the team gets a good understanding of security layout & general guard training levels
  • The team continues to brainstorm ideas for getting Dr. Owens
    • Disguise as the cleaning crew
    • Setup a corporate meeting requiring a hall to have chairs setup, and sneak in items via the chair carts
  • Zero gets facial recognition on Dr. Owens leaving the Transfiguration tower with 2 armed guards at her side
  • The Team asked zero to get into the Consumer loop and north park cameras
  • Dredger takes an internal Evo security test in order to get a promotion. He aces the test and becomes one of the highest scoring students in HQ history. The following day he is visted by upper level security management and is asked if he is interested in a physical test.
    • Dredger batrely passes the physical test, Aces the firarms test, and barely passes the hand to hand test and paperwork goes through for a higher level security position
  • Chuckles goes into the sewers crap-pluncking (which is different then taking a shit) and maps out the northern sewers
  • The team decides to kidnap Dr. Owens from a bathroom stall after they give her a drug that gives her the shits and kidnap her from inside the bathroom.
  • The team buys Tubo-Lax to place it in the Dr’s meal
  • Then drug her in the bathroom and escape by tossing her in bag and drive out VOry exit
  • Once on the docks they board a vory controlled fishing boat, and 3 miles off shore a submarine meets up with them.


Once aboard the sub, Tenryu wants to get their captive into the med bay to ensure she recoops safely and to be supplied with whatever she needs to get cleaned up and fed. Shes a prisoner, but we are not monsters lol. Tenryu then suggests to Dredger that they take turns watching her through the last leg of the trip. At this point, the level of lockdown/freedom would be based on her cooperation, since we are on a submarine, and she cant really escape. Besides that, Tenryu will be happy to get back on solid ground asap.

Overkill Session 18 (6/20)

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