Overkill Session 17 (6/6)

  • The Team meets with Cowl and gets there gear shipped seperately to Vladivostock.
  • The initial payout will be 10k per head, but as the situation developes the terms are negotaiable. Cowl just warns the team if risk changes due to team negligence, that does not promote higher pay
  • Kir Morgan meets the team as they board their flight for vladivostock and gives them an idea of the situation there.
    • The Vory are helping Cowl’s team as a business arrangement. Cowl is going to pull some strings to give the vory a better foothold in Hong Kong if the Vory help his team in Vladivostock
    • Kir informs the team they are to remain Detatched from any Vory contacts, you must always act as starngers to each other until out of site of the public
    • Russia is a different place where Nationality carriers more weight then your race. Even a Russian Troll is held to a high social status then a Human from another region.
  • Upon arriving Kir brings the team to the Vory HQ, The Potenkin bar.
    • A Slivovitz bar in the SW corner of the consumer loop. THe bar is run by the Vory through legal means but is used as front for internal opperations within the EVO Enclave and ask the team to do there best to keep it under wraps.
    • The Vory controlled check point is a few stores down in the consumer loop
    • The Bar is popular amoung dock workers from SW Vladivostock docks, very rough crowd
    • Bar is named after the famous Russian Dreadnaught on a which a great mutinty against the Russian Navy and the Russo-Japanese War occured in 1905. Like the mutiny, the bar patrons hold great pride in their mother land, but still feel the need to rebel against their sometimes corrupt system.
  • The first Night Kir gives everyone new identities so they can blend at Evo HQ

Chuckles Role

  • Barry Higgens (Dwarf)
  • Fleet Mechanic based out of Prosperity tower
  • Gets External Voice Modulator, new open Comlink & Rating 4 Sin
  • Similar manerisms as Chuckles (kind of a dick) except Barry is married too…

BMW Role

  • Mellissa Higgens, human Desk clerk at Fleet Services prosperity tower
  • Shares a small apartment in West Block north tower (the worst of all the towers)
  • Gets External Voice Modulator, new open Comlink & Rating 4 Sin

Dredger Role

  • New Security Recruit, low level clearance. Does random security checks, and works low risk guard points. Occasionally does personel escorts around the Enclave.
  • Richard Ricardo Roberts, nick name…. Dr R, Triple R or Trips
  • Shares an apartment on the East Block with 2 other security personel, they party like college and do drugs heavily some evenings
    • Rex , a former Merc Troll
    • Igor, a ten-yeared high ranking security personel. (not management)

Tenryu Role

  • Ching-Chang-Chong, since Vory has control of Gate.
  • New Gate guard at SW gate on consumer loop. Gate is the only gate the Vory control
  • Has a small 1 bedroom apartment in the West side housing district


  • takes the roll of an IT intern working at the IT help center
  • The team spends the next 9 days integrating themselves, getting their bearings and doing some leg work .
    • Chuckels wanders the sewers in his off hours and finds a back way in the EVO Enclave sub basement. He usess a recently purchased Fly Spy drone to map out the south half of the subbasement.
    • The sub-basement has far higher security then the ground level. Guards are armored and well armed. Their are multiple checkpoints dividing each basement quadrant of the underground enclave and 1-2 checkpoints moving up in the surface buildings.There are also consistent patrols and occasional armed drone support. This is obviously an area used to escort and protect high priority personel and gear around the Evo enclave.
    • While wondering the sewers chuckles finds an optical data conduit and with the help of Zero they tap into the node and sort through the data move in and out of the VIP housing.
    • They find an email linked to a Dr. Owens related to Metahuman reserach advancement. The team looks into the personel database and finds a Dr. Owens has at least an office on the 38th floor of the the Trafiguration tower.
    • The email hints at this Dr. Owens likely lives in the VIP housing and has an office in the Transfiguration tower
    • Dredger tries to schmooz his new roomates but things get a little awkward when he give Rex a BTL trid that brings back old war memories. Igor reamins quite and difficult to speak with. However that doesnt stop the team from stealing his Pass key and getting copied at the vladivostock black market (rating 4 pass key) while Igor is out teaching his Sambo class.
    • Tenryu scouts the outside of the transfiguration tower and memorizes the external security system on the first 10 floors and the guard shifts and patrol patterns
    • BMW & chuckles use their position at Motorpool Maintenance to see which vehicles are part of the Transfiguration tower pool and consider using one of them to plant a drone on to do some internal investiagation.
    • Zero does a little hacking and is able to get securtity access to the first 30 floors of the Transfiguration tower. There are elevator checkpoints every 10 floors and two sets of roaming guards every 10 floors.
    • BMW begins to brainstorm an idea to trace the path of the sewer piping in the EVO enclave, and use the Turn to Goo spell on Dr. Owens on flush her down the toilet to sneak her & BMW out. This idea is very creative and there are still a few snags that need to be worked out if it is to be perfected.
    • Zero finds an email linked to a project with EAWD (Evo Advanced Weapon Developement) in the title. He cant decrypt the body of the message, but it did point at the Resurgence tower. Dredger is looking for Ivanov Sotnik, who is beleive to be located here in the EVO HQ and is linked to a secret Evo weapons developement program. Dredger wants to piggy back his personal mission to meet with Ivanoz as well as help with Dr. Owens
    • Chuckles sets his i-ball drone in the basement level outside the Resurgence tower and after reviewing the records for a few days Dredger recognizes his roommate Igor, entering the Resurgence tower from the basement level. Possibly linking him to whatever “Special Projects” might be taking place there.



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