Overkill Session 16 (5/15)

Meeting with Misuchachu

  • I smell the stink of death on your claws Looking at BMWs hands (Indicating he seems past deeds)
  • Only trust the living not the Dead, some of the lives before you are not natural
  • Death does not always bring prosperity, Beware of Overkill.
  • You are skirting the edge of the flame Moth, be sure not to be consumed by it
  • The Russia Job Gets delayed
  • Cowl expresses how he is sorry for the delay, not only inconvienence wise but on a business level. He has another small job available in the time being if the team is interested. They planned to do work this week and they might as well do something that results in pay.
  • Cowl was debating having his other local team do this but he feels he owes the team a job.
    The Watasumi Kidnapping
    *The team is not required to accept this job, Cowls other team will do it if they decide not to
  • I Hope your not board of these kidnapping jobs, this one is a little different in that some required wetwork is involved and there are different levels of pay based on who you come back with.
  • The Watasumi family now only consists of 3 people
    • Father Mau Watasumi, he is a dock worker over in the tolo harbor complex. (Buff mid 30’s man)
    • Daughter Shey Watasumi, 9 year old girl attends Cadmus private school in the Ares sector of town.
    • Grandfather Tenchi Nagada (Mother’s Father) retired Ares Security
    • Mother is dead, died in one of the Refugee riots a few years back. She was an advocate of refugee rights and was accidentally killed by the Hong Kong Lone Star in the event
      *They are a very normal family aside from the fact they live within the Ares controlled part of town. They live in a simple 3 bedroom home in a small corporate community (known address)
  • Either Bring back the Father or the Daughter (not Both), kill the others
    • Bring back daughter for 10k each
    • Bring Back Father for 20k Each and a selection from a Bioware catalog
    • Grandfather needs to die
  • After a Long Debate the team decides to … umm… this decision is very hard for the group… they continue to discuss… and in conclusion they Decide to split the group .
    • Dredger and Chuckles take the job, BMW and Tenryu do not
  • Dredger and Chuckles overwhelm the Apartment security guard
  • Kill the gradfather
  • Knock out the Daughter and check her DNA to confirm a 95% match
  • Chuckles hacks the little girls com link and calls her dad to try to trick him into coming home
  • They wrap up the little girl in a blacket and bring her out to the truck
  • On there way out the execute the security guard because he saw chuckles face
  • The hide for a bit and wait for the father to come home
  • The father comes home with a bunch of Ares security and a security helicopter begins patroling the area
  • Dredger burns an edge to sneak back to the Apartment and kills 2 security guards and the Father who appears to be an adept
  • Chuckles and dredger manager to escape ares controlled territory and return the daughter to cowl
  • Dredger gets taken to splints to recover


After getting back home from Splint’s, Dredger lays in bed that night staring up at the ceiling with his arms crossed behind his head. He lets out a deep breath as he thinks about the last mission with Chuckles, then looks over at his new armor hanging up on the wall…then back up to the ceiling. Dredger was ready to kill a kid during that mission. And what bothers him is that the idea of killing a kid DOESN’T bother him. He sure has changed over the years, especially since he came to Macao.

Dredger had seen some gruesome things in his time. You see stuff in combat zones…burned bodies of friend and foe alike, kids dead in the streets, running a guy through with a bayonet…but this would have been the first time he elected to go kill a child, and he was totally ok with it. The job didn’t pan out for the kid to die though, and maybe it was for the best for Dredger’s conscience. But he did really want the option for those BioWare upgrades! Hopefully there will be another opportunity for that in the future, but not likely. And if it involves a kid again…well, sucks to be that kid. Hopefully they don’t also have a Captain Dragon Punch father waiting around corners to fuck Dredger up.

Dredger lets out one more long breath, rolls over and proceeds to sleep soundly.

The next day:

  • He brings his armor to be repaired…just a few days after getting it.
  • He asks the guy who he got the grenades from when he can get some more, and is interested in more gas style grenades. (Idea is to get crowd control, both hand held or launcher grenades)
  • He’ll also ask that guy in Kai Tak for another Sound Suppressor, this time for BMW’s model of Assault Rifle. Figured he should do her a favor. (it cost 500¥ for mine)
  • Call up CPT Develyn and ask her if she wants anything from Russia. He implies it in both a professional manner and as a friend, seeing if he can garner some appreciation. But he DOES NOT explain the reasons of why he’ll be in Russia.
Overkill Session 16 (5/15)


We have some items in out “Team Supply Shed” and I am just curious if anyone wishes to do anything about it. Should we sell off some of the armor and weapons? The White Knights are for the boat, of course. But there are machine pistols and light pistols. If there are no objections, I would bring some of the damaged armored vests with to trade/barter for a cheaper price for getting my Fully Body Armor repaired.

Overkill Session 16 (5/15)

Keep a machine pistol for me, but I don’t care about the vests or light pistols. We should see about repairing the riot armor though for Tenryu and/or Chuckles, though, and possibly enhancing it for heavy combat situations i.e. MOTHER RUSSIA.

Overkill Session 16 (5/15)

To repair Dredgers armor it will cost 2000 nuyen, because you are pressed for time to get it fixed before you go to Russia it’s a bit more expensive.

Dredger can get any grenade that has availability 10 or less before you go to Russia (just add 20% onto the listed price for stocking and finders fees) but no more than 4 of any one type. You can pick these up at the Kai-Tak Airport Bazaar. If you want grenades with higher availablilty I will have roll some dice. If you want Chem grenades with a specifc chemical (core page 255, Arsenal page 84). For some reason the Core book does not have the availability for toxins listed but arsenal does… weird.

Dredger can get another sound suppressor before he goes to Russia, same price as before.

Does Cptn Develyn know you are going to EVO HQ or just that you are going to Russia? What she knows would determine what she asks for.

What do you guys want to do with the Riot Armor? Make a list of wants, and I will see what can be done in the 3 days you guys have. However, with Dredgers armor repair being on the armorers priority list it may be hard to fit in the Riot armor as well… however, money talks.

Overkill Session 16 (5/15)

Dredger will be more than happy to pay the 2000 for his armor to get fixed, and will come up with his purchases of grenades shortly. OOC: The availability 10, does that include R and F?

Dredger will also spend the 500 for the other sound suppressor. He’ll fold up a note card and write “For: Black Moth Witch” but will look up the correct characters in Mandarin to write it in. He approves of one of his teammates exploring more into the martial field of firearms, and he felt this would be an appropriate way to show that. Maybe if they have some free time later on Dredger will ask more about the arcane arts, to at least get an understanding of how BMW does her thing.

When Dredger talks with CPT Develyn he only eludes to the fact he’s doing his typical work, and may have run ins with EVO. And by may, that is 100%. Is there anything he should keep his eye (or eyes) out for?

What does the group wish to do with Riot Armor? And still waiting on Chuckles and Tenryu about those weapons and the armored vests…there is a time window on this.

Overkill Session 16 (5/15)

- Yes, Both R & F Grenades are available at the Kai Tak Market in the time allowed
- So instead of leaving a box of chocolates on the Bed, Dredger leaves firearms accessories? Nice!
-Cpt Develyn asks you to grab info or snap pictures of any weapons development projects you can. Combat Inc doesn’t have an arms contract with Evo and anything you see will likely be used against them in the future. If they know what is coming all the better. She would of course reward your team based on what you find.

Overkill Session 16 (5/15)

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