Overkill Session 15 (5/1)

*With all the teams legwork they are pretty confident Thomas Moy is behind the Kidnapping of Shun Sai-Kan

  • Also the team beleives the kidnappers are related to MET 2000
  • The team begins hitting up Merc bars on the west side of Macau in an attempt to find the Redhead from the abduction, or someone that knows her or someone that knows about the Mk1 Death Dealer rounds. They have little luck. However, By the end of the night they draw enough attention to themselves that someone plants attempts to plant a tracking dart on their vehicle. The team hears the sound and finds the dart a few minutes later.
  • Knowing they are being watched the team uses the tracker as bait to ambush any persuers, however no one comes.
  • The Team Meets up with Deng Sai-Kan and Grahm Kim to discuss how to move on. The team urges Deng to attempt to setup a meeting with Thomas moy, but he is unable to contact him by phone. The team also asks Deng use his Renaku IT personel to track down the RedHead, later in the evening a hacked traffic cam outside of MET 2000 HQ gets a photo ID match for the Redhead, however the recording was from 2 days before the abduction. The team also works with Renraku to determine if the tracking bug can be reveresed traced, it cannot
  • Dredger and Tenryu move on to Thomas Moy’s house on Lantau Island and Tenryu breaks in to find the house completely empty.
  • The team also seraches MET2000 territory in macau to find Helicopter landing sites where the the Blacked out Helo may have landed. They find no suspicious activiity at any Hospitals, Police Stations or otherwise. The Helo has probably been well hidden by this point, where ever it is.
  • The team realizes that the Black Chrysanthemums are the most skilled group in the Hong Kong area at Human Trafficing, and know that Deng Sai-Kan has enemies within the Traid organization. In turn the team walks into the hive that is the Kowloon Walled City in an attempt to make contact with the Traid.
  • The team begins paying out bribes to get people to point them in the direction of the Traid HQ. The team moves Deeper and deeper into the Lyrinth of flith that is the walled city, and after enough time a Triad posse begins to follow them. The team stops talk with the Traids, insinuatting that they are looking to get hired by them. A few more traids show up and tell the team to follow them to meet their boss.
  • The team is escorted to a large red door a few blocks away where they are asked to enter one at a time for their interviews. BMW steps inside and get jumped by a team of three Traids and is quickly knocked out but not before warning the rest of the team about the ambush.
  • The fight that rages on from this point is a tough on. 1 of the 2 Renraku body guards with the team are killed, Tenryu, Dredger and BMW are unconscience and Chuckles and the last Renraku body guard are able to drag them out of the walled city, but not after killing 9 Traid footsoldiers in the process
  • When the team wakes up, they are at Splint and Scar-face Cho’s street Doc clinic getting brought back to health.
  • The team immedaitely calls Deng Sai-Kan and Grahm Kim to find out what the situation is. While unconscience the deadline from the blackmail letter had come and gone. That night, before midnight while the team was recovering from their fight with the Traids, Deng ventured over to the Saeder-Krupp Swiss Bank building in downtown Hong Kong in an attempt to personally speak with THomas Moy. Deng was allowed enterance but all of his personel, including Grahm Kim and his body guards were forced to stay at the gate and Deng ventured in alone. While in the building Deng made a call at 11:50pm initaiting the campaign to clear Thomas Moy’s name, and ruin his own reputation. Deng emerged from the Saeder Krupp Building with his daughter, drugged unconscious but alive. When he returned back to Renraku HQ he received a call from Corporate HQ in Japan. Deng informs the team he and his family are leaving Hong Kong immedaitely for Japan and wish to be off the mainland by morning, not notifying the Police of any happenings. The team gets paid for their efforts but everyone is saddened by the failure. Grahm Kim takes it especailly hard as Deng was his highest profile client and this does not bode well for his Bodyguard bussiness PR. Deng also asks that this entire operation be kept secret, he and his Bosses in Japan will figure out how to handle this sitation on a “corporate” level.


We are the worst batman ever

Overkill Session 15 (5/1)

After being properly smitten, Dredger is none to pleased with their performance. Their looking in the wrong direction for so long made them pressed for time once they had a correct lead, and they got reckless. Dredger is glad they still got paid decently for the run, it’s not like they didn’t try. But now he wishes to move on.

Overkill Session 15 (5/1)

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