Legwork 2nd 24hrs

Dredger Legwork

Here Dredger, tell you what. The captain begins writing on a post-it, Here is the number to our chopper distributor. They should be able to give you each MH-53J/M IV serial number they have sold and the names of the customer who bought them. Michelle passes Dredger the post-it on which is written “Yeah Right!”

Sorry buddy, we can’t track all these Helicopters. They are pretty popular though, aside from the ones we own ourselves, I know MET2000 uses a few when their Nissan Hounds are in use. I think the Canton Confederation has some too since they can’t afford anything newer. Since these Pave Lows aren’t as cutting edge as they were 5ish years ago some people are selling theirs, I think Renraku just swapped theirs out for some Nissan hounds for their Red Sams to use. Heck, their motorpool offered to sell them to us but the price they were asking was WAY to high for the flight hours.

Concerning Radar tracking, we have no sign of Helicopter movement on Victoria Peak. Then again, it’s a good 50km away and those Pave Lows are pretty stealthly.

Oh, and the scoop on your munitions. The casings are from regular LMG rounds, yours mine, anyones. Since I don’t have the actual slug I can’t tell you much more. However, from your description of the scene they were likely suppression rounds… those things scare the hell out me. You ever seen a guy get hit with one? They make the most horrific gurgling sound as they cut through people.. yuck yuck yuck.

This round on the other hand is something entirely different. First off it’s a high powered round, from the looks of the rifling twist it came out of a battle rifle but that’s not the important part. The Captain pulls an assault rifle round out of her desk. Last year Onotari Arms, aka Saeder-Krupp’s weapons developers, released this… The Mk1 Deathdealer Round. In a nutshell it uses micro fins and a small processor with a heat sensitive receiver at the tip to steer the round toward the center of mass of a target (OOC: +1 to your dice pool for simply using this round). Onotari started selling them in ultra limited quanities to the highest bidders. But they were only available in mid calibers. Basically if you run a 20 round mag of these in a high powered battle rifle, you should have 20 corpses as a result. This is some serious hardware, its good to know that this sort of ammunition is out there. I am going to bring this to my superiors and see if there is anyway we can reward you for this intel.

BMW’s Legwork

Kir swings by your place and he does not recognize the redhead, although he would not mind hitting that… he wouldn’t mind one little bit. You get a business card from Kir and are allowed an audience with cowl.

(OOC: Make a list of questions you want to ask cowl, I will step through the conversation. Make sure you think about how you word the questions. I know you guys had brought up the idea that these people may have been hired by Cowl, I would walk on eggshells to make sure there is no finger pointing)

Chuckle’s Legwork

Chuckle’s calls Lone Star to make a noise complaint about a low flying black ops helicopter, they hang up on him.

Chuckles calls the Lanatau Island airport in Hong Kong to complain about a low flying black ops helicopter and they inform him they track commercial aircraft, not military and even if it was a commercial aircraft we cannot pass out information.. good day sir.

I can just type up the Galleria scene. How would chuckles get information from the Galleria without any social skills or do you plan on waving a gun in their face? Is anyone else coming with?

Tenryu’s Legwork
None at this time


As BMW sees Chuckles considering different lengths of lead pipe to bring along to the Galleria, she would mention that perhaps it might do to bring Tenryu along, and that a call to the Sai-Kans to ask them (or possibly one of their super expensive Renraku corporate attorneys on retainer) to call ahead to the Galleria with a veiled threat of a lawsuit or worse due to their negligence in the matter. If Sai Kan were to insist that the Galleria give full access to his investigators (namely, the two of you) it might net a little more information than that lead pipe. But if you’re just looking to blow off some steam, I understand that too. With that, BMW would be on her way to visit Cowl.

Legwork 2nd 24hrs

And in hearing from Dredger that Saeder Krupp makes a round like the one he dug out of the desk, BMW would muse that Thomas Moy of Saeder Krupp was also involved in the human trafficking scandal with all of those young Filipino girls a while back. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I think it’s something worth sharing with Renraku and the Sai Kans.

If it isn’t too much of a break in protocol culturally for me to contact Mr. Sai-Kan and/or Grahm Kim and let one of them know about the possible Saeder Krupp connection, I would send a message along during a free moment. If it would be better for Tenryu to contact them, I would ask him to do so. Whoever is better culturally for the task is fine with me. Let me know who you would want to send the message, and I can type one up if it’s cool for BMW to send it.

Legwork 2nd 24hrs

Tenryu is planning on requesting a meeting with Mr. Sai-Kan on day two anyway. He would ask about any political or personal enemies? any suspicious persons around the family, business or home? any new employees that havent showed up to work in the past few days? and find out if Saeder Krupp rings a bell on BMWs behalf. Id politely remind him that our group may be able to find things that Lonestar wouldnt and keep things quiet that Lonestar couldnt, so any information would be helpful. Again, i would be apologetic and assure him that we are already looking into some leads.

Legwork 2nd 24hrs

As the Mk1 Deathdealer Round gets explained to Dredger, his eyebrows keep going up and up…and his smile keeps getting wider and wider. Mainly at the idea of being able to get his hands on something like this would be more or less amazing. Dredger gets a mental hard on for new tech that deals with killing, so this is terribly fascinating to him. Then he recounts how lucky he was to have 3 of these shot at his face and all three missed. Interesting fact is that THIS specific caliber WAS NOT released yet. They were only put out for mid caliber (assault rifle style) weapons, so the fact that this was used for a battle rifle is something to pay attention to. Doubtful some other company has made another, larger round for use so quickly and NOBODY knows about it yet. This really points fingers at the original developer of the ammunition in question. Where to go with that information is beyond Dredger, so whoever follows up with Saeder Krupp should keep this in mind.

When CPT Develyn mentions to Dredger about a way to possibly reward him for the intel, he drops a gentle reminder about the sniper rifle and body armor requests he has. But he’s always welcome to her own ideas for a reward!

With still no word back from Z3Ro, Dredger sends a message to Tesa. He knows she isn’t the greatest at hacking, but perhaps she can find someone to do it. It’ll cost more at that point since it’ll be a 3rd party and nobody they have a current working relationship with, but it could definitely point them in a direction worth looking. So he makes a request to her for a decent hacker, one that can specifically find and follow a hack trail to its source. And it has been a while since he paid Tesa much attention, and she DID watch their place for them when they were gone in Gansu AND while at the Sai-Kan house for those few days. He owes her. So he offers to bring over dinner some night soon and to catch up on things, see what she’s been working on lately and to see how her business has been.

Legwork 2nd 24hrs

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