BMW Personal Log Entry 2

Things are really picking up for our outfit. I have been truly pleased with the way that we work together, and our proficiency grows with each passing run. We are still lacking in the computer department, but what we lack there we deliver in pure combat ability. While it was sad to see Splint go, I think that Tenryu has many more skills that have proven useful in the field, and Chuckles and Dredger have both been invaluable to the last few runs. Chuckles’ improvisational mechanical ability is astounding, and Dredger’s ability with a gun is as advertised.

Our last run was our smoothest yet, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As our introduction to Cowl, it was perfect. Kir Morgan observed and took some video, and even after viewing the playback, there was little that I would have done differently. The executive had no idea that he was being observed, and we had next to zero interference from his bodyguard. Before he had a chance to sound the alarm, we had him back in the vehicle and on the way to Cowl’s bunker.

While I have some reservations about working for Cowl due to some secrecy on his part, he also has a pristine street rep, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being. I would like to learn more about him, as I despise being at a disadvantage in that manner, my teammates and I have agreed that we will not pursue any further information on the man until he gives us reason to distrust him. I hope that moment does not come at a time where we are ill-prepared to deal with the consequences, but if my hunch is correct and Cowl is a dragon (or in league with one), there will be little for us to do regardless. Cowl pays better than any other fixer in Asia, and his influence is felt throughout the continent. I am glad for the opportunity we have been given to boost our own profiles by doing clean work for Cowl.

I am also looking forward to our next run for my friend, Hui Zhong. We will travel to the Gansu region to collect Mage Thistle. It should be nice to get out of Hong Kong for a while, and my own studies could greatly benefit from the addition of the herb to my regimen. It is really quite potent. I do worry about some of the awakened wildlife as well as the possibility of others there for the same reason as us, but these are all things that come with the territory.

Perhaps when we return from Gansu, I will have enough money to think about expanding my wardrobe. Our weekend at Cowl’s safehouse reminded me that I need to look my best at all times, and having the right clothes for the occasion would be a huge part of that. Especially since I am called on to wear disguises frequently, authentic clothing for different situations could be a huge boon to our operation.



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