Overkill Session 21 (8/29)

Misucachu begins giving the group some guidance

  • The gazelle can only run from the hunting pride. It cannot challenge such a force of nature, as much as you cannot challenge the one known as Cowl; though the herd can, with careful observance may allow one of its’ own to lay down its’ life to sedate the hunt, perhaps the sick or the weak. But a gazelle can become a lion to stay one step ahead of the pride. A red bear will lead a pride of Golden Lions from the North and From the South a different sort of cat with a mane of iron, all seeking answers, all prepared to kill for them.
  • The team is starting to realize how little they can do to stop cowl. They figure they can help the Kirakara no Shinto to help evade him from finding the head.
  • They help hide the head on an Island in Malaysia and ride off into the sunset
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    Hard Choices
    Somewhere in the Pacific...

    I’ve gotten some hard looks from the rest of the team as a result of the decision to keep people in the dark until we were underway. Some people might think I was being too cautious or selfish, keeping the information tight, but when your target is a demon with powers of manipulation that are literally the stuff of legends, you don’t risk showing your hand too soon. Frankly, Cowl is too powerful and too nosy to trust, and making unfounded claims to people was a bad idea. We were able to learn for certain what we’re up against by doing a job that we would need to do regardless of which path we chose, and now we’re able to have a conversation outside of Cowl’s den, so to speak. We’d had no luck digging into Cowl’s past, and the stories on the street suggested that looking for that kind of information was a deathwish. I held onto my suspicions until they were confirmed to be truths to keep my friends safe. As the Americans say: “Ignorance is Bliss.”

    I hope that Tesa especially understands. Before, we let her down, and she nearly ended up dead. Not only did we desperately need an extra set of skilled hands for this job, but if things went south, I didn’t want to leave my friends in the cold. At least if we’re together, we can watch each others’ backs. Frankly, once we learned the truth about Cowl, our lives were for sale. Cowl wants no one to know his dirty secret, and he would kill anyone in our network whether they knew or not to cover things up on his end. In my book, by bringing the team in, at least I gave them a stake in whether they live or die, and hopefully they get the chance to go on their own terms rather than on Cowl’s. I’d rather die fighting with my friends at my side than get killed in my home one day, unsuspectingly, by a bunch of Vory hitmen once Cowl knows that his dirty little secret is out in the world.

    I care personally about everyone on my team. I trust them with my life on a daily basis. I will help them through this or die trying. Further, I don’t trust Cowl. I think he knew that we would put the pieces together eventually, and I am sure he had plans to put us down. What value do the lives of a few runners have compared to preserving the future of Miro Ichi and Cowl’s power play for Southeast Asia? So we’re skilled. To an immortal Demon, everyone is expendable. Cowl changes runners like a model changes dresses. No lamentations. No hesitation. No modesty. I think we’d be dead the moment we left Cowl’s office.

    We’re in deep with a Demon. We know the truth about him: this means our death. There’s no way around that now. I’m just looking for the best exit.

    I'll miss that gun...

    Well, so long to my Xfactor III and all the attachments! That was a good assault rifle…it will be sadly missed. And all this mess we are in had better be worth it. No turning back now, I’d say. Turns out we’ve been working with for some ancient demon, who was SOMEWHAT killed ages ago, BEFORE the awakening…and two dragons had to willingly sacrifice themselves to get it to happen. Not to mention we’ll need those same two, which SUPPOSEDLY are those kids that Cowl now has, to allow whomever to kill Cowl for good. Yeah, no problem. All in a days work, right?

    What in the fuck are we doing?! This isn’t our fight! And the people who ARE fighting are extremely ill equipped, lack any sort of funding or backing, and don’t seem to have the man power to have any sustained fight longer than a day or two. We’re fucked. I like my team, sure, but we stepped into a big steamy pile that we can’t just scrape off our boot. We need new footwear altogether. BMW seems to know more than what she tells us, and this is a consistent trend I’ve been seeing. Is it because she doesn’t fully trust us? Perhaps. I can’t exactly blame her for that. But she waits until we are underway in the boat to drop the bomb on us that Cowl is most likely a demon of some sort and she also knew that kid was a dragon?! Come on!!! Not a good way to gain trust by holding out important info like that from team members. Her moral compass does seem to point true though, and I don’t suspect she’d stab me in the back unless prompted to do so by my own actions, which I’m hoping to avoid. Tenryu…he seems to reluctantly work with me. I have a soldiers respect for his discipline and skill with close combat, and I hope he holds similar respect for my skills. Respect doesn’t equate to trust though, and I’ve caught him looking at me oddly once or twice on this trip already…probably thinks I’m going to shoot them all in the back. And then there is Chuckles. Words can’t even describe. Pretty sure he’s alright with how this is going. Pretty sure…

    The Right Thing?

    I hope that I have made the right decision. Given the facts, it seems that we had no choice but to work against Cowl. I could not continue to do as we had given that he had obscured so much from us, and coupled with what we know about the clan and the cargo that Cowl has requested, I think we are on the right path.

    However, Cowl’s reputation is well deserved, and I know that if we fail, the repercussions will be awful and inescapable. It pains me to know that we have involved ourselves in something so sinister. However, perhaps my ancestors are looking out for me, and through these trials, I will be able to prove my mettle and that of our team. We are certainly more than the sum of our parts, but this will be a tough test.

    Before we can even get to that point, we must overcome our meeting with the clan. I fear that our decision to meet them in combat rather than to treat with them and explain our situation may be rash. Hopefully we do not do irreparable damage to the relationship. Without their help, there is no chance for us to take Cowl before he can bring his full forces to bear on us.

    If everything does go wrong for us, though, I will try to sell the group on a quick escape. It won’t be glamorous, but we could make it to North America or South America or Australia or who knows where. With the materials we have just in our boat, I’m certain we could barter our way anywhere on the Earth. Of course, I would rather stay in our home in Macao, but sometimes necessity deems otherwise.

    Hopefully all of this worry is for naught, but I find that too often the possibilities we do not plan for are the ones that become certainties.

    Deep Thought

    I dare not speak of it until we are somewhere safe. I can’t even write it down; there can be no trace of my doubt. I don’t want to alarm the others or have them inadvertently give us away, but I believe we are about to commit an atrocity.

    Cowl has seemed wrong to me all along. I now believe I know why: He is a dragon and/or a demon. The block of concrete we are supposed to retrieve: it contains his head (or at least part of it) which was removed from him by force centuries ago. I want to speak with Misucachu to verify this, and I will possibly speak with the mage onboard the container ship to ensure that there are no mistakes for us to commit, but I feel in my bones that this is the truth.

    Everything has pointed to this truth: the clone boy (Cowl’s perfect copy?), the secrecy and drama of Cowl’s hidden face, the darkness of the bell, even the appearance of the dragon all those months ago. Who knew that things were building to this point? I hope that I am wrong, and failing that, I pray to my elders that we are strong and wise enough to do the right thing when the time comes.

    Perhaps this truth was something I knew all along. Perhaps my nightmares have been trying to tell me that I was thisclose to a monster for months. It is irrelevant I suppose. And perhaps I’m wrong about everything. But I doubt it.

    So, here’s to the future. May we live to enjoy it.

    Overkill Session 20 (7/24)
    • BMW speaks with Misucachu one last time before they depart. They mediated on the story that arisen about the Kirakara no Shinto and a small phrase comes into their minds. An old japaneese slang term “Oni Ni Kanabo”, it litterally translates as “To Give an Oni an Iron Club”. In slang terms it means “To make the strong, stronger”
    • The team does a bit more prep work for the mission (ammo)
    • The group begins to see the plot come togather and comes to a cross roads, do they continue working for Cowl or not? The Team beleives he is an ancient Oni.
    • The team decides for now to proceed with the mission and Tenryu & dredger infiltrates the Freighter
    • Dredger & Tenryu get spotted by the crew, they immediately engage the crew with flash bang grenades, stick and shock rounds and hand to hand combat
    • WHile fighting with the crew one of them slips away… and summons a blood spirit… yup
    Tenryu's considerations...

    My fore-most thought is, ‘I never thought i would miss this dank and unfriendly water-box we call home so much.’ but after enduring weeks of my life as a feeble minority in a land of white giants,in a stronghold of commercialization, i can appreciate the dark, all-be-it smelly, silence of our home. Thought number two is, ‘what on Earth did that dwarf leave on our kitchen table to rot and fester this entire time we were gone?’ Im pretty sure it was food, but it killed the rat-thing that attempted to eat it and then another rat-thing tried to eat that, and died too. perhaps Chuckles was trying to weaponize our lunch…My next thought is on our new task, ‘Cowel really wants this mysterious block and so does the mage who’s transporting it.’ Now, im not normally comfortable with murder for someone else’s profit, and i still dont fully trust Cowel, but for whatever reason, i have no feelings on taking this mage out to acquire his goods. Am i becoming a killer? no. at least not like Dredger anyway. He seems to play a little too loose. if paid enough, i feel he would turn his barrel at me. i will have to be ready for that day.

    Did that just happen?

    HO…LEEFUUUUUUUCK! I can’t believe that turned out the way it did. I was ready to meet my maker less than 24 hours ago when I was more or less helpless on the top floor of the Resurgence Tower chatting away with Igor and Sotnik. That old dwarf new his hardware right away…I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise since he sees it as his best work. But I had no idea exactly HOW involved he was until I got into his office. The fact I’m not dead just amazes me. I got my answers, albeit leading to more questions, but I have a sense of satisfaction. Something that I haven’t felt this strongly since being selected for the E.C.V.S. program.

    Unfortunately the gamble I took to meet Sotnik jeopardized my cover…in a way. Not known for being the deceptive type, I was able to say exactly the right things to save my skin. And it was all true…I just didn’t have to say EVERYTHING. Like that I was here with three others from Macao and the real reason we are here isn’t for me to see Sotnik. But my story checked out and they didn’t rip my head off to keep the hardware, so all’s well that ends well.

    That meant I couldn’t complete the real mission with my team, though. They did an astounding job, and I didn’t even have to be there! I would have just been extra eyes or hands anyways. Doing a job quiet like that isn’t exactly what I’m meant for. In fact…not many of these jobs we’ve had have I needed to REALLY be there, and it almost makes me question if this mission has made the team think otherwise about me. This is a form of business we work in. And people get fired often in this job market. I’ve gained new friends since coming to Macao. People I never would have expected to become friends with. It started off as a necessity, to be honest, but I have come to actually enjoy being around my team. Interesting…just makes me wonder where we’ll go from here. I finally got what I wanted, and it still hasn’t changed where I am in my life though…remaining a Runner.

    Now time for a submarine ride to GTFO from this damn country with a disgusting language that even when using a computer translator you still hated to hear it! And…Aztechnology?! But no identifying markings, it seems. Dredger wipes his brow quickly, because he had some combat history with those Aztec fucks…brutal stuff Seeing it isn’t them, the team quickly gets on the sub and transfers the captive, and passed out, Dr. Owens. Time to get back home! No hiccups now…right?!

    Etymology, Et al.

    As an amateur linguist, and doubly as a Magician, I understand that words have deep meaning. It’s been interesting in these past months to spend so much time with my Japanese and American corroborators. Indeed, their peculiar phrasing is beginning to rub off on me(!) Dredger in particular tends to speak in a patois of English mixed with military jargon that is sometimes incomprehensible. He can be profound at times, though. For example, the other day, he mentioned that “knowledge is like bullets” while we were practicing our marksmanship at the range. Tenryu is much more reserved, so I have had fewer opportunities to examine his particular patterns of speech, but the economy of his communication displays a kind of elegance that is altogether different than the bloviation that passes for eloquence in some Western discourse.

    I like to think that I’m beginning to understand more of what makes communication comfortable for groups like our own. Thanks to my acclamation with Dredger, I now feel more at ease describing our recent success with terms like “a well-oiled machine” that I never would have used even a few months ago. Indeed, the opportunity to use my English and Japanese on a daily basis have been a great learning experience and further proof to me that life as more than a wage mage was the right decision for me.

    I still have doubts about whether or not I’m on the right side of things, though. Especially when I talk with Misucachu (a trove of linguistic peculiarities) I feel that perhaps while running the shadows is providing me with a practical education that I could get nowhere else, my talents might be put to better use helping people that cannot afford my services.

    While I doubt my place in these proceedings, I do not fret that I have committed acts which might benefit the wrong people. Indeed, I think that my higher calling would not place me in these circles one way or the other, and these heists and counter-heists would continue to evolve. After all, nature abhors a vacuum, and where one group falls, another rises. Indeed, I live in a world of haves and have-mores, and there is little that one person can do to change those things. I hope that one day Xin and others like her will wield more influence and change things for the better, but I cannot wait for those things, as some changes never come, and others come too late.

    I wonder where our paths will take us in the future. These members of our group, they are people that I have come to know and appreciate in a way that not everyone can appreciate. These are the people to whom I entrust my life every time we step out into the world and perform a run. At times, I feel as if I have made a mistake with that trust, and other times, we exhibit a mechanical precision that is astounding even to its planners. Our last run was one of those moments. Each piece fell into place, and it was a beautiful thing to behold.

    At last, we are prepared to leave Russia. I am writing this as we await transport at the docks, the waves rolling into the harbor much like the ideas rolling into my mind and breaking on my skull. I feel a joy washing over me knowing that we will leave soon, away from this skulking and away from a completely corporate controlled environment. I never wish to feel so smothered again. I never believed that I could feel more observed than I did in Hong Kong, but the corporate surveillance was astounding. It made our success seem even sweeter in retrospect here on the pier.

    And now, our… submarine? Well, this is a new experience for me. Hopefully I will not be deposited in “Davy Jones Chest” in the depths of the Pacific. And I guess I will have more time to read. I have much language training that I have purchased to broaden my linguistic horizons, and I brought along some Chinese classics to hone my understanding of classical language. To the depths of the Pacific we go!

    Overkill Session 19 (6/11)
    • The team climbs aboard the sub and meets its 2 man crew Joyo & Darma, former Malaysian sailors. On board as well is a 7-8 year old boy how refers to Dr Carol as his mother
    • The team speaks a bit to Dr Owens about her past, and some of her previous job positions. Overall the trip is uneventful. Carol and her son Perry (the boy from the boat) are brought back to Cowl without issue
    • Cowl gives the team a few days off, but he has a job involving their boat coming up
    • The team starts to prep their boat for cowls job.
    • Cowls job is to intercept a Freighter
      • The Kobayashi Maru is following the southern section of the Japaneese trench, the deepest part of the Western Pacific Ring.
      • The ship Is departing in a few days in route and the team must recover an item from its hold.
      • Transport crate # 4572, Zone 2, 5th Crate, Item Number 35271
      • The item is labeled in the manifest as Construction Material a 2ft x 2ft cement block
    • The team prepares for the journey

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