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Injection Vector Toxins

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p434, SR5 core rulebook

Injection darts: For use with dart guns of various
types, like the Parashield pistol and rifle. Each injection
dart carries a single dose of a drug or toxin (sold separately).
The effect of the dart depends on the drug payload,
but to successfully deliver that payload, the attack
with the dart must get at least one net hit against an
unarmored target or three net hits against a target with
armor. This is an injection vector toxin attack.

p409 SR5 core rulebook

When a toxin comes into play, note its Speed to determine
when it takes effect. At the end of the appropriate
Combat Turn, the victim makes a Toxin Resistance Test
to see if the toxin takes effect. This test uses Body +
Willpower + the rating of any protective gear/systems;
each hit reduces the toxin’s Power by 1 point. If the
Power is reduced to zero, the toxic substance takes no
effect; otherwise, apply the effect depending on the
remaining Power level.

House Clarifications:

  • For injection vector toxins, armor is included as “protective gear” in addition to any bio/cyberware or spells that may increase your armor value or resistance to toxins.
  • If a target is not wearing full-body armor, you may remove any worn armor from the toxin resist test dice pool by succeeding in a called shot for your attack to aim for an unarmored area. This is only for injection vector attacks. Any arcane, innate, and/or cyber/bioware armor bonuses are unaffected by a called shot in this instance.

Hardened Armor

p397 SR5E Core Rulebook

Hardened Armor
Type: P Action: Auto
Range: Self Duration: Always
There’s Armor, and then there’s Armor. This is the latter.
This power provides its rating in Armor, and functions
just like the Armor power. It differs from the Armor
power as follows:

If the modified Damage Value of an attack is less than
the Hardened Armor rating (modified by AP), the attack
does no damage. Don’t make a Damage Resistance test
for the critter; it might not even notice the attack was
made in the first place.

If the modified Damage Value of an attack is greater
than the Hardened Armor rating (modified by AP),
then perform a Damage Resistance test for the critter as
normal. Additionally, half of the Hardened Armor rating
(modified by AP, rounded up) counts as automatic extra
hits on this test.

Where to Find Specific Rules

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