Vladivostock Evo HQ

Consumer Loop (10 stories)

  • Acts like a wall around the city
  • All roads an entries in are guarded
  • Functions as a commercial zone for the Evo Enclave
  • Security Level (Moderate)

The 4 Towers (stepped 30- 50 stories)

  • Prosperity: Transplanetary Development & Aeronautical
  • Transfiguration: Bioware & Genetics Development
  • Enrichment: Nano-tech & Consumer Products
  • Resurgence: Primarily a MFG plant but is often used for “Special Projects”
  • Security Level (High – Very High)

Housing (15 stories)

  • West Block: Middle-Low Wage Housing, C-class
    • Security Level (Moderate)
  • East Block: High Wage Housing, B Class
    • Security Level (High)

VIP Housing (30 Stories)

  • A-AAA Housing (Based on Floors)
  • Security Level (Very High)

The Spire (200 stories)

  • Executive HQ (Management only)
  • Security Level (Extreme)

All buildings are connected via a basement and sub basement levels (with multiple checkpoints and automated security). The layout of these basements is unknown.

Vladivostock Evo HQ

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