Team Supply Shed

Team Community Equipment

6 Damaged Armored Vests (5/2)
2 Full Riot Armor (slightly worn, can be repaired) 5/8

6 Onotari Equilizers (Machine Pistols)
Damage: 4P
AP: -1
Fire Mode: BF/FA
Recoil Comp: 1 (with stock extended)
Ammo: 12

6 Colt America L36 (Light Pistols)
Damage: 4P
AP: None
Fire Mode: SA
Recoil Comp: None
Ammo: 11

2 Ingram White Knight (LMG)
Damage: 6P
AP: -1
Fire Mode: BF/FA
Recoil Comp: 5(6) with detachable folding stock
Ammo: 50© or 100(belt)

66 Rounds Light Pistol Ammo
2 credit sticks (1400 each)
4 credit sticks (1400 each)

Team Supply Shed

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