Proper Consulting

Proper 2

Proper Consulting is owned and operated by Zhang Xin, one of the most notable women in Macao. Xin inherited ownership of the firm from her uncle over twenty years ago, and in that time, Proper has seen its profits increase more than twenty fold.

Some outside observers wonder how she’s been able to claw out a spot in what’s largely been a man’s world, but the answer is simple: not all of their revenue streams are, excuse the pun, proper.

Proper Consulting offers a full array of “premium” services in addition to their normal consulting services. These aren’t the kinds of things that they’ll advertise, of course, but Xin has highly placed contacts in all of the major corps operating in the Asian market, and when they have illicit business that they don’t want to handle directly or don’t have the manpower for at the time, Xin steps in with one of her crack “consulting” teams and gets things done. She, and by extension Proper, has a well-earned reputation as one of the most ruthless and reliable Johnsons-for-hire in the corporate world.

Proper Consulting

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