Macao Information

Sitting in the shadow of Hong Kong, its sister city across the Pearl River, Macao is a rough-and-tumble town known for gambling and mercenaries. The recent relocation of the merc group Combat Inc. to Macao has raised the city’s visibility, as clients seeking merc services-from the warlords of Gansu to the gangs running things in the jungles of Burma – flock here with contracts in hand.

A Portuguese colony before returning to China in 1999, Macao retains business and political ties to Europe, particularly Portugal. The New European Economic Community recently opened a diplomatic consulate in Macao, which serves as the hub of NEEC diplomacy throughout Asia. Many second-tier Eurocorps, particularly Lusiada and Spinrad Industries, maintain branch headquarters in Macao for their Asian operations.

Macao is governed by an executive board. Each member of the board is chosen through a system whereby each region of Macao votes for their member on the executive board. The council then holds a private vote amongst themselves to determine Macao’s Chief Executive. Lung Qi of Ka Ho is the current Chief Executive.

In other nations with similar ruling systems, these processes have been subverted by corporations. In Macao, that has largely been avoided due to the fact that gangs are already deeply entrenched. The voting is primarily directed by mob bosses (kind of like the old machine politics in major American cities during the 20th century) so corporations are left on the outside unless they decide to commit substantial resources to ousting gangs. Frankly, the barrier to entry is lower in Hong Kong and the profits are greater, so there’s no reason for a large corporation to try to get into Macao.

This arrangement has greatly benefited smaller corporations, though. The gangs like smaller corps because they don’t have the influence (or extraterritoriality in most cases) of a larger corp, so they aren’t perceived as a threat, and they provide jobs for people that live in the area. For a smaller corp on the rise, this could be a way for them to get a good foothold in the region while attempting to grow.

Map Color Guide

  • Bright Green: 10,000 Daggers Territory
  • Red: Konstantin Vory Territory
  • Orange: Black Chrysanthemum Territory
  • Blue: MET 2000 Territory
  • Pink: Del Greco Mafia Territory
  • Dull Green: Combat Inc Territory

Map Locations

Macao’s Big Corps

AA Corps

Macao Executive Board

South Coloane Island: Mao Rùfen
Ka Ho: Lung Qi *
Carmel: Ming-húa Cardozo
Cotai: Johnny Meng
Parque Oceano: Dou Geming
Nam and Sai Van Lakes: Jam Huojin
Fatima: Jyu Da
Cheong Kok: Lidiya Dubov (Лидия Дубов)
Cainidrome: Adalet Aslan

Macao “Social” Groups

Macao Information

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