Jim's Junkyard

You wants junk? I gots it? Piles of it, as far as your non-organic eye can see. My prices are fair, even though I could gouge the living crap out of you because I am the only joint in town. Then again, that is not how you makes friends… your my friend right? I may not be from around these parts but junkin is the same everywheres From Hong Kong to Houston. I probably got what you needs, but god knows what pile its under, good luck with that one partner.

I always have new stuff rolling in from the big corps, usually every 4 months or so.. and a lot at the end of each year. But you can’t just waltz on in, no sir. You see the Corps require ID checks, why? Dont ask me. Heck I dont even knows why my last name is Junkyard. Them Corps must be dumping some pretty nice stuff in my yard. But no lolly gagging, keep the line moving! I dont really care what you take or why, I just charge based on whats its made out of.

Steely Stuffs: 10 nuyen/kg
Rusty Stuffs: 5 nuyen/kg
Shiney Things: 15 /kg
Tough Stuff: 20 nuyen/kg
Electronical Stuff: 50 nuyen/kg
Your Moms Stuff: FREEE!! (HAHA, gotcha on that one son!)

Junking takes time, time is money and money is what I need to trade for some delicious synth Malt Liquer. WHO DOGGY!!

-JJ (AKA Jim Junkyard)

Jim's Junkyard

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