Hong Kong Information

Population : 7,878,000 (Han 95%, Other 5%)
Major Languages : Cantonese (85%), English (50%)
Major Religions : Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Shamanism & Christianty

Ask Anyone (outside of Japan) where the business center of the Far East is and they’ll say Hong Kong. Ever since the British took over this territory after the Boxer Rebellion, Hong Kong has evolved into THE major commercial center of the orient.

The megacorps, with their new powers of extraterritoriality, ultimately rescued Hong Kong from communist drudgery and helped it become a Free Enterprise Zone. At first the megacorps tried to run Hong Kong by themselves but they found out the hard way how much of a pain in the hoop it is to manage a city. So they setup the Board of Governors, a group of corporate regents whose primary job is to deal with the drek and make sure trivialities like taking out the trash or enforcing the law don’t interfere with the corps’ money-making schemes.

Current Executive Council Members

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Hong Kong Information

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