Current Contacts

Here is the full list of the group’s Contacts

Name, Role, Contact Rating / Loyalty

Snowdrift Katyusha, Russian Arms Dealer, 6/3
Dr. Milton Kam-Chuk Lui, Hong Kong MTR Subway Manager, 6/6
Topper Bottoms – Harbor Master, Harbor Master, 5/4
Felipe Pérola de Rosário, Fixer 5/4
Skid Marks, Occult Book Store Owner, 1/6
Silkworm, Corporate AA Fixer, 4/3
Joyride, Pimp, 4/1
Pipes, Troll Body Builder, 1/6
Yínjiàng (银匠), Magic Shop Owner, 5/3
António Lobo de Cavaleiro, Info Broker & Fixer, 4/3
The Chin, AAA Knight Errant Officer, 6/2
Cpt Michelle Develyn, Ares Security Worker, 6/2
Quill, Ares Logistics Manager, 6/2
Turnpike, You know THe Guy, 3/4
Flatbed, Wuxing Secretary, 5/3 (Sold Pot To Her)
Dispatch, Doc Wagon Dispatch, 4/6
Sun Jian AKA Chénmò (沉默), Syndicate Gang Contact, 6/4
Sun “Squeaky Wheel” Yat-sen, Former Mob Cleaner, 3/5
Malakai Hodgins IV, Street Doc SINless Sympathizer, 4/2
Silvertongue, Cybertech Business Owner, 5/5 (Dealer & Installer)
Redline, Driver, 3/4
Quinoa, Mooch (Q’s News Intern), 1/4
Johnny Horsepower, Porn Producer, 3/5
The Curator, Former Client, 1/1
Angie Eyesz, PI, 1/1
Andre Wou, Masturbator, 2/3


These are the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street, they’re the people that you see each day. In the tunnels. Sometimes they will help you out. They want to be your friend if you give them a reason to.

The Hood, Local Benefactor, 1/1
Phony, small time local runner, 1/1
The Poacher, Subway Wildlife Specialist, 1/1
Chips, Local BTL Peddler, 1/1
Squeegee, Kid that cleans the Tunt’s windows once a week, 1/1
The Authority Figure, Resident Mom, 1/1
Brushy, wizened old man, 1/1
Foo Kouk, local muscle, 1/1
Sack, beggar, 1/1
Fundamental, local rapscallion, 1/1
Shrimp Roll, tiny pickpocket in training, 1/1
Beady, future felon, 1/1
Testarosa Soriyama “Tesa”, wrench, 1/1
Rivet, kid wrench, 1/1
Solstice, drifter, 1/1
Mr. Hui, old guy, 1/1
Dahlia, token white woman, 1/1
Astro, drifter, 1/1
Finch, drug dealer, 1/1
Jannet Zhao, blind old lady, 1/1
Samuel Chang, broke ass gambler, 1/1
Tommy, another of the hordes of mechanics that apparently live in the tunnels, 1/1

Current Contacts

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