Yamaha Growler

401k's Epic Dirtbike


Yamaha Growler


handl 4/5
speed 3/4
accel 1
bod 5
pilot 1
sensor 1
seats 1
avail -
cost 5,000¥

401k Mods

  • Gyro Stabilization
  • Rigger Interface
  • Sensor Array (2)
  • Micro Drone Rail

Actual Text: Shadowrun 5E Corebook p462

Yamaha Growler: This is a durable off-road bike used
in motocross and other extreme sports events, usually
seen in photos and footage with both the bike and its
rider covered in dust. It’s popular with thrill seekers, wilderness
buffs, and light-freight drug smugglers.

Yamaha Growler

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