Thunder Tunt


Lovingly named After Cheryl Tunt of the Tuntmore house, one of the key families whose vast wealth created the former US Railway system.

The Thunder Tunt is a converted K-Stock Subway Car from the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system from Old Hong Kong Now used as a Home Base for the Shadowrunner Team.

It is Capable of moving between both the Old & New Hong Kong Subway Lines, sleeps 7.

Car Stats

  • Handling: 1/1
  • Speed: 4/3
  • Acceleration: 1
  • Body: 14
  • Pilot: 2
  • Sensor: 2
  • Seats: 7 comfortably, many more in discomfort.
  • Entertainment Rank (Middle)
    A new (if cheap) off-brand trid graces the room along with a decent sound system and a fine collection of classic and much-loved media. A good collection of books-on-chips is also
    here—it’s mostly training and self-help materials that seem to be aimed specifically at people like you. The one on dealing with paranoia makes you think someone is trying to tell you something. And that you are being watched.
  • Necessities Rank (Middle)
    A variety of food-like substances accent the nutrasoy that comes with all the flavoring you could want, except for the ones that actually taste decent. The water ration allows for two quick showers a week in lukewarm water that might even be clean. High-quality knock-off generic streetwear keeps you from being naked, and a housecoat stolen from a major hotel chain can work as a smoking jacket to provide a small simulacrum of culture and refinement.
  • Security Rank (Luxury)
    A reinforced steel storm door with every lock you could ever want covers the doorway (Armor 6, Structure 7, fireproof ). The Kevlar wallpaper is not fashionable, but it is bullet-resistant and completely covers the room (making it Armor 8, Structure 9). When parked at a location once part of the Old Hong Kong Subway a team of thugs (Professional Rating 2, with a Professional Rating 3 lieutenant) watches the place.


  • No Masters : The Old Hong Kong Subway is a neo-anarchist enclave that fights against any form of control or dominion by others. By their natures, the residents are against those that would attempt to rule them by any means. You are required to help out the community, but they will not sell you out either.
  • Alternate Energy : To Function off the Grid the Thunder Tunt has been converted to run off the Hong Kong Grid and is sustained by its own generator. This ensures electricity is available during brownout/blackout conditions, and it also provides exercise during the long, boring hours ahead. An old music player is attached and loaded with songs to encourage you to keep going.
  • Fully Stocked Bar : When your days are full of doing a whole lot of nothing, a little libation can lighten the day. Part of your daily rations is a small dose of your drug of choice to stave off boredom. Or at least salve frayed nerves.

Thunder Tunt

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