Mack Hellhound



ARM 15
COST 150,000¥

Standard Equipment:

  • Amenities (low)
  • landing drone rack (medium)
  • landing drone rack (micro)
  • landing drone rack (medium)
  • landing drone rack (small)
  • 2 x rigger cocoon
  • rigger modification
  • special equipment (drone rail)
  • standard drone rack (small)
  • 401k Mods*

Vehicle: Mack Hellhound
Category Trucks
Source R5 p60

Body 20
Armor 20
Seats 3
Pilot 6
Sensor 6
Device Rating 6
Acceleration 3/2
Speed 5/1
Handling 3/2
Vehicle Worth 150000


  • All Autosofts, Knowsofts, and Weaponsofts (6)
  • Smartsoft
  • Acceleration Enhancement Rating 2
  • Amenities (Luxury)
  • Anti-Theft System Rating 1
  • Armor (Concealed) Rating 5
  • Chameleon Coating
  • Dash Light Bar
  • Drone Rail
  • ECM Rating 1
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Emergency Light Bar
  • Enhanced Image Screens
  • Extra Entry/Exit Points
  • GridLink Override
  • Improved Economy
  • Increased Seating
  • Interior Cameras
  • Landing Drone Rack (Medium)
  • Landing Drone Rack (Medium)
  • Landing Drone Rack (Micro)
  • Landing Drone Rack (Small)
  • Landing Drone Rack (Small)
  • Life Support Rating 2
  • Manual Control Override
  • Metahuman Adjustment Rating 1
  • Missile Defence System
  • Multifuel Engine
  • Passenger Protection System Rating 6
  • Personal Armor Rating 10
  • Pilot Enhancement Rating 6
  • Ram Plate
  • Retrans Unit
  • Rigger Cocoon
  • Rigger Cocoon
  • Rigger Interface
  • Satellite Link
  • Searchlight
  • Sensor Enhancement Rating 6
  • Smuggling Compartment
  • Smuggling Compartment
  • Smuggling Compartment Shielding (Electromagnetic, Astral)
  • Smuggling Compartment Shielding
  • Speed Enhancement Rating 1
  • Valkyrie Module
  • Vehicle Tag Eraser
  • Weapon Mount Flexibility (Turret)
  • Weapon Mount Flexibility (Turret)
  • Weapon Mount Type (Heavy)
  • Weapon Mount Type (Heavy)
  • Weapon Mount Visibility (Internal)
  • Weapon Mount Visibility (Internal)
  • Winch (Enhanced)
  • Workshop

Weapon Mount 1:

WEAPON: RPK HMG (Heavy Machine Gun)
AP -8
RC 5 (11)

Weapon Mods

Ceramic/Plasteel Components
Extended Clip
Gas-Vent 3 System
Laser Sight
Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
S: 0-40 M: 41-250 L: 251-750 E: 751-1200

Weapon Mount 2:

Ares Lancer MP Laser

AP -10
RC 2
AMMO 2×10© or internal source
S: 0-25 M: 26-150 L: 151-350 E: 351-550


401k modded this thing up a bit for situations where they don’t have to blend into a normal car kinda place. This will look like a normal commercial vehicle for a lot of different service companies (I’m thinking HVAC, plumbers, utilities, etc) or just like a normal large box truck/small semi otherwise.

This thing always has 2 sentry drones loaded and a complement of 10 Noizquitos but the other two drones are pretty variable depending on the mission.

Actual Text: Rigger 5.0 p60

Transporting goods across long overland routes can be
dangerous, so Mack developed the Hellhound. I was going
to say something about it being like a real hellhound
only without flaming breath, but one of the most common
close-defense systems installed on the Hellhound is flamethrowers.
This road warrior would make a great post-apocalyptic
war rig like the ones in Mad Max: Furios Child if it
weren’t so damn pretty. Though it’s meant to deter gogangs
and road-jackers, Mack certainly didn’t intend to do
that with looks. The Hellhound looks like it’s asking you to
pet it—so that it can joyfully burn your face off.
The Hellhound offers a lot of options for its defensive
systems with the use of Ares’ track-mounted Sentinel
drone series. The Sentinel system rings the top of the rig,
and the drones tuck back behind the sleeper cabin when
not in use. The rig can mount up to three Sentinel drones
in this spot, with three sidetrack rails that are also used by
the drones to move around one another or to duck back
on for cover. The top ring has two forward facing rails that
lead to a ring of rails around the front of the Hellhound.
These rings have two Sentinel drones with protective casings
that only open up when there’s trouble.
The Sentinel system is also used on an optional (though
everyone gets it unless their trailer doesn’t fit) rail kit that
fits around any standard trailer. The rail kit is an like an external
cage that folds up over the trailer box. It runs the top
rim, bottom rim, and side edges, has four ribs that go all the
way around the trailer, including across the belly, and two
more rib rails that ring it long ways. The basic system has a
power supply for up to four drones, but optional packages
include eight, sixteen, and even twenty-four drone battery
packs. The added weight of the batteries and drones pulls
the range down, but SolarCell systems are available to supplement
and recharge the system.
Back to the main rig. The back of the rig not only has
space for the Sentinels but also has a pair of pneumatic
launchers. The launch tubes usually contain a pair of Roto-
Drones but can be loaded with fifty-gallon drums filled
with whatever. That latter option is usually seen in poorer
places that have somehow gotten their hands on one of
these but can’t afford to replace the Roto-Drones that they
had to shoot down getting the Hellhound in the first place.
The passenger side of the Hellhound is what really tells you
this is a rigger’s ride. The section where another person
might normally sit is replaced with a rack for Microskimmer
drones. When the door is closed, it just looks like that
side has a big door with no windows. Once opened, it
reveals what look like garbage-can lids stacked sideways.
This section launches the eight drones like skeet and is capable
of launching two at a time. Because of the minimum
time needed for the Microskimmers to fire up and fly, the
launcher had to be higher, and this left space below for a
wheeled drone that can burst from its berth even when the
Hellhound is at full speed. Riggers usually launch the drone
at the first sign of trouble and then tuck it under the belly of
the trailer to come out as needed.
Inside the regular cab is a manual drive system set
low, with a rigger cocoon set behind it where the seat
can slide back into the cocoon or the rigger can climb
straight in. The sleeper area is good sized and allows
every standard metatype smaller than a troll to lie out
comfortably, and even trolls find it roomier than most
troll-sized coffin motels. A secondary rigger cocoon is
part of the sleeper area, as this thing usually requires
more than one rigger to handle all the drones. It’s got a
full Matrix hookup and wall screen run through a highend
commterminal with a road warrior theme.
Being assigned to work in this truck is the dream job
of wageslave riggers around the world.

Mack Hellhound

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