GMC Escalade

401k's Pimpin' Ride




ARM 10
COST 125,000¥

Standard Equipment:

  • Amenities (high)
  • Anti-theft 2
  • Rigger adaptation

401k Mod Items and Stats:

Body 16
Armor 14
Seats 9
Pilot 6
Sensor 4
Device Rating 6
Acceleration 4/2
Speed 4/0
Handling 4
Vehicle Worth 146910

  • Acceleration Enhancement Rating 2
  • Amenities (High)
  • Anti-Theft System Rating 2
  • Armor (Concealed) Rating 4
  • Chameleon Coating
  • Dash Light Bar
  • ECM Rating 1
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Enhanced Image Screens
  • Life Support (2)
  • GridLink
  • GridLink Override
  • Handling Enhancement Rating 1
  • Improved Economy
  • Increased Seating
  • Interior Cameras
  • Metahuman Adjustment Rating 1
  • Nanomaintenance System Rating 3
  • Passenger Protection System Rating 6
  • Personal Armor Rating 10
  • Pilot Enhancement Rating 6
  • Rigger Cocoon
  • Rigger Interface
  • Satellite Link
  • Searchlight
  • Standard Drone Rack (Medium)
  • Standard Drone Rack (Medium)
  • SunCell
  • Valkyrie Module
  • Vehicle Tag Eraser
  • Weapon Mount Flexibility (Turret)
  • Weapon Mount Type (Heavy)
  • Weapon Mount Visibility (Concealed)
  • Winch (Enhanced)
  • Workshop
  • Sensor Array Rating 4 (includes thermographic and ultrasound)
  • Evasion Autosoft (GMC Escalade) Rating 6
  • Maneuvering Autosoft (GMC Escalade) Rating 6
  • Stealth Autosoft (GMC Escalade) Rating 6
  • Targeting Autosoft (RPK HMG) Rating 6
  • Clearsight Autosoft Rating 6
  • Group Autosoft Rating 6

WEAPON: RPK HMG (Heavy Machine Gun)
AP -8
RC 5 (11)

Weapon Mods

  • Ceramic/Plasteel Components
  • Extended Clip
  • Gas-Vent 3 System
  • Guncam
  • Laser Sight
  • Tripod
  • Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
    S: 0-40 M: 41-250 L: 251-750 E: 751-1200

After it was thoroughly ventilated in the streets of Hong Kong by some asshole, 401k decided it was time to go bigger with his Escalade. Good-bye spinning rims, hello body armor. The upgraded ride is positively presidential. Armored, armed, and droned out, this thing is ready for another shot at greatness.

He usually mans the racks with two F-B Bumblebees and stashes a Proletarian under the passenger’s seat and some Noizquitos in the center console. This thing only has two cupholders anymore, and the attention to detail and organization to cram so much shit in one (admittedly massive) SUV is positively nautical.

Actual Text: Rigger 5.0 p57

Big luxury at its best. That’s GMC’s tagline for the Escalade,
their high-end luxury SUV. The adverts work,
since this is the ride that all the newest trid stars and
music sensations drop a little piece of their first big
payday to own. Rarely do they ever actually drive it,
but they certainly like to show that they can afford it.
It’s after this first big payday that a lot of those stars
have second thoughts, and this is the ride they take to
run for the hills. And thus, the ride that a lot of riggers
working the shadows need to snag control of in order
to get them back where they belong. Or at least back
where the runners will get some nuyen on their sticks.

The Escalade also finds its way onto the secondary
market (a.k.a. stolen) quite often. This means they’re
available for those of us who might not have the SIN required
to make a purchase at the GMC dealership. Due
to the types of people who often own them in the first
place, the Escalade comes with extra baggage frequently
enough for me to feel it necessary to mention here.
Mob brats, wannabe gangsters, and thugs with image
issues don’t like having their things stolen. Most folks
reading this travel in a far more dangerous crowd, but
stupidity and ego can be a deadly combination when
one of these disaffected punks comes to get their “ride”

Also, thanks to the aforementioned types who often
purchase this vehicle, extra protection is a common
addition. In order to keep the Escalade as luxurious as
owners expect, the extra protection is well-hidden. This
means you can’t tell if it’s been upgraded without taking
it apart. While I’m sure we all trust our grey-market dealers,
it’s just something to look out for if you’re buying
from someone new.

With a rich target audience, the Escalade packs in the
features even when they won’t be used by most. The standard
rigger adaptation is great for security companies with
wired drivers, but for most casual buyers, it’s something to brag to their golf buddies about. Runners like the option since this thing can dance in the hands of a rigged driver.

401k’s Escalade in particular keeps getting shot up. Luckily uncle Wuxing is footing the bill for repairs or else this would be getting kinda old.

GMC Escalade

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