F-B Bumblebee


F-B Bumblebee

(Pilot Aircraft)
(Medium Drone)

Handl 3
Speed 2
Accel 1
Bod 4
Arm 14
Pilot 3
Sens 3
Seats -
Avail 12F
Cost 24,000¥

Standard Accessories:
Stoner-Ares M202 [Machine
Gun, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP –3, FA, RC —, 100(belt), w/ tracer

Stoner-Ares M202 Targeting Autosoft (5)


401k Mods

F-B Bumblebee

(Pilot Aircraft)
(Medium Drone)

Handl 4
Speed 3
Accel 2
Bod 4
Arm 15
Pilot 5
Sens 4
Seats -
Avail 12F
Cost 24,000¥

Additional Installed Upgrades

  • Autosofts: Clearsight, Maneuvering, Electronic Warfare, Stealth, Evasion, Group, all at rating 5
  • Skillsofts: Navigation 5,
  • Spotlight – 0MP (R5 p126)
  • Expanded Ammunition (x2), for total of 300 rounds belt fed – 4MP (R5 p124)
  • APDS rounds for modified AP of -7

Mods to Gun:

Stoner-Ares M202

  • Extended Clip
  • Gas-Vent 3 System
  • Laser Sight
  • Melee Hardening
  • Tracker
  • Trigger Removal
  • Underbarrel Weight

Accuracy: 7
DV: 10P
AP: -7
RC: 6

These things are already pretty beastly so 401k just added more ammo so they can keep shooting and downloaded the full suite of ‘softs for them. He owns 4 of these in the cache so far. They aren’t useful when you need to be subtle, but they kick ass when you’d rather send a message.

Actual text on Nothing Personal p23.

The Bumblebee is a heavily armored version of a typical
Roto-Drone. While its weight means it’s unlikely to be
seen outside of fixed-perimeter security roles, the Bumblebee
won Corporate Security Weekly magazine’s coveted
“Best New Drone 2075” award, improving its sales potential.
The Bumblebee’s role is straightforward: head where
the fighting is thickest and rain death from the skies. The
thick armor means it is unlikely to go down unless faced
with anti-vehicular weaponry.

F-B Bumblebee

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