Corsair Panther



ARM 10
COST 135,000¥

Std. Equipment:

  • Amenities (middle)
  • improved economy
  • satellite link
  • secondary manual controls
  • signature masking 2
  • SunCell

401k Mods:

  • Rigger adaptation
  • Rigger Cocoon

401k’s Panther has been christened “Nubian Queen,” and he keeps her running in tip top shape at all times. He frequently loans the boat to Uncle Rawdog for films, and he spends a lot of weekends there as well when the condo feels a little too “stuffy.” He always keeps a special Evo Proletarian onboard to do routine maintenance as well as an uninflated Zodiac in case things get sketchy. He also usually uses the deck rather than the cargo net, and the deck has tiedowns for extra supplies, gear, or transportation.

Actual Text: Rigger 5.0 p85

The Panther is a sailing catamaran along the same lines
as Corsair’s Elysium, except that it removed berthing
space at the rear of both hulls so it has twin powerboat
motors. The motors are primarily accessed from the
rear and on deck rather than through the cabin. The engines
give it even more power than the Elysium, but the
boat design and positioning cost it some turning radius.
When under sail the Panther can unfurl three sails—
the main, jib, and spinnaker. The main and jib are the
standard sails seen on a sailboat off the main mast and
front rigging. The spinnaker is a large parachute-like sail
that extends further out in front of the boat.
The access adjustment for the motors preserves
the remaining portion of those aft berths to be storage,
which allows the Panther extended time at sea. With the
repurposed berth space, the Panther sleeps eight rather
than ten. The added storage and reduced complement
means it can store food and water for all passengers
for over two months, its normal sea travel storage max.
Mathematically it’s 82.5 days, so I could say almost
three months.
Below deck the Panther has a large sitting area
around the galley with berths in the fore and amidships
hull areas on each side. The head and shower are on the
port side, with a secondary pilot station and electronics
suite starboard. The rear deck of the Panther is like a
small covered porch with a pilot station and seating as
well as a step down dive deck full aft. The bow has two
options, a solid platform that ends a meter before the
hulls or a trampoline-like net that runs all the way out. I
personally like the trampoline though security conscious
folks like the platform.
The Panther’s biggest limitation is the color options.
It only comes in black. While this may seem strange for a
vessel that may spend its entire existence in the blazing
sun, there is a reason and zero issues. The black paint is a
combination thermoelectric and photovoltaic material that
constantly feeds juice to the ship’s battery system while
sapping heat away from the black paint. The power supply
isn’t enough to run the motors directly, but it allows the
secondary batteries to be gaining charge while the main
batteries are in use. Main batteries take about twelve hours
of sunlight to fully recharge, secondary batteries take eight.

Corsair Panther

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