Ares Paladin




BODY 5(0)
ARM 18
COST 5,000¥

Standard Upgrades:

  • Tracked platform

Game Information: The Paladin has limited functionality
without a network. When operating in a network,
the drone makes a Perception test as soon as a
shot is fired anywhere within detection range of any
device on the network. The number of hits that are
achieved on the test are treated as extra armor for the
protected VIP for that Initiative Pass. Afterward, the
plate acts as Good Cover for the VIP ( p. 190, SR5) as
long as the VIP is using the Take Cover action. If the Paladin
is operating by itself, it cannot provide the Armor
bonus when a shot is fired. Instead, it can only be used
as Good Cover for the VIP.

  • 401k has not modified this yet.

Actual Text: Rigger 5.0 p142

After the debacle that was the Excalibur project, Ares
has been working hard to re-establish the trust they
lost among their most important customers: militaries
and law enforcement. In order to help rebuild that trust,
Ares decided to take a chip shot and release a simple,
effective, and affordable drone that could not possibly
go wrong. They call it the Paladin.
The design of the Paladin is as straightforward and utilitarian
as they come. A simple tracked platform houses the
primary components of the drone, which is outfitted with
a pair of hydraulic arms that lift a sheet of plasteel and Kevlar
on command. The drone is designed to be integrated
with a sensor network to allow it access to cameras, microphones,
and other devices. A simple version of the old
Ares TacNet software is used to analyze data from these
various sources and determine if a shot has been fired. If
a shot has been fired, the arms swing up very quickly and
attempt to intercept the round in mid-flight.
Once the plate is engaged, the drone’s dog brain
transitions to an escape plan. These plans can be
pre-loaded, or the pilot can be relied upon to utilize the
network’s data to create an escape route on the fly. The
Paladin has already seen several successes, most notably
in foiling a recent assassination attempt upon the
president of Kenya in Nairobi.

Ares Paladin

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