Testarosa Soriyama "Tesa"

Former Shadow Rigger now Underground Leader


Formerly a Runner herself, Tesa ended up getting involved with a group of runners that got on the nerves of an ancient demon. Long Story short, she had to go into deep hiding & quick. The abandoned Hong Kong Tunnels were a great place.

Tesa took what she could from her Vehicle repair shop in Kai Tak, Soriyama Motorwerks, and ran to the underground.

Upon her arrival underground she made fast friends with a handful of the Children of the Underground where she put her mechanical skills to work giving them a better quality of life. Improving water & sanitary faciilties, building and maintaining rail karts for transport as well as helping defend the underground for the Corps & Johnny Law that venture down from the surface.

A year ago a fellow Child of the underground, Rivet, Introduced Tesa to Swiss Miss. Immediately the former Rigger saw value in Swiss Miss’s Decking talents and connection to the Shadows. They have been allies ever since.

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Testarosa Soriyama "Tesa"

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