Tenryu Taketa

A street samurai from Japan.


Human male in his late 20s

Body 4
Agility 5
Reaction 4
Strength 5
Charisma 1
Intuition 4
Logic 2
Willpower 3
Edge 3

Blades 4
(Martial arts: Katana +2)
Clubs 4
Unarmed 4
(Japanese native, Cantonese 2)
Swim 1
Cybertechnology 2
First aid 2
Computer 1
Parachuting (halo jump) 1
Pistols 3
Perception 2
Stealth group 4
(Disguise, Infiltrate, Palming, Shadowing)
Tracking 3
Dodge 2
Intimidate 3
Street Knowledge
(Hong Kong underworld 3)
Professional Knowledge
(Personal Security procedures 3)
Interest Knowledge
(Personal Firearms 3, Martial Arts 3)

Movement: 10/25

Distinctive style, Signature, Enemy(4), Bad reputation (add 1 notoriety), Hung out to dry, Part time Job, Adrenaline surge(act first during first initiative round), Cat like (add 1 to infiltrate and shadowing), Martial Arts: Ninjutsu2 (add 1 die in surprise round initiative, plus one die to infiltrate),
Maneuvers: Iaijutsu (Quick draw any weapon w/ reach 0-1 and attack. weapon skill+reaction[trgt3]), finishing move (lose next action to make two melee attacks as long as the first succeeds), Two weapon style (full defence with off hand plus standard attack main hand), Off hand training[blades] (no negative with blade in off hand)

datajack (linguisoft russian 3)
Cyber arm(left)
cyber holster in arm
Dermal plating(1) [somewhat low profile(ie no bulky protrusions), Matte black plates, the length of the arms, legs and torso. textured with the names and stories of ancient japanese warlords]

maglock sequensor 4
maglock passkey 3
autopicker 6
quickdraw sheath
Colt manhunter pistol 5p -1AP SA 16c
-normal ammo, 20rnds stick/shock ammo
Armored jacket(custom) 7/6
Di-Kote Katana (str/2 +4)p -2AP 1Reach
Fake SIN: Jimmy Paup (4)
Fake SIN: Hideki Matsuta (4)
Comlink (3/3/4/3)
Credstick (45,190)
Med kit(6)
Ghilli suit
firing pin(gift)

Grahm Kim[Job supervisor/coordinator] 3/2
Rivet 1/2
All previous contacts burned.

Karma(total) 49
(spent) 43


Tenryu Taketa was a strong and proud student of war. He trained hard every day; studying his literature, practicing his form, and mastering his technique. It didnt take long for Tenryu to become the top of his class. In fact, his Master recognized his natural talent early on and decided to cultivate Tenryu’s potential. Despite the extra challenges and higher expectations, Tenryu always came out successful. He won competition after competition, sparring match after sparring match. However, Tenryu’s master was not satisfied. The master expected more. Dont just win, but win quicker! Dont hit hard, but hit harder! It seemed to Tenryu that even winning wasnt good enough for his master.
In his early adulthood, Tenryu’s master approached him with a new task. It was time to take his skills to the street. Tenryu knew,this was not the way of their Dojo, but rather the wish of someone else; someone with influence over his master. Without hesitation, Tenryu accepted the mission and in the end, took a life for his master in hopes to finally be respected. Instead, he found himself shamed by his peers, disowned by his dojo and rejected by his master. Tenryu quickly came to the realization that his master was secretly involved in underground dealings with the Yakuza and selfishly used him as a tool to remove a political obstacle. Once the task was complete, Tenryu was left with the blame so his master could gain privileges and power with clean hands.
This did not sit well with Tenryu Taketa. In a blaze of anger, he stormed his master’s luxurious new home; dispatching bodyguards with a flash of his blade and charging through the halls with righteous fury at his back. He kicked down his masters door and demanded reconciliation. He shouted at his master to draw his sword and attacked. To Tenryu’s surprise, his master barely got his blade out of its sheath before he was split in two. In the midst of the blood and silence, Tenryu came to his second realization- his master was never the omnipotent warrior he believed his master was. In fact, Tenryu surpassed his master’s skill long ago. all that was left of this corpse was a legacy of shady deals, trickery, and corruption.
Unfortunately, for Tenryu Taketa, he still carries the blame of the political assassination, and now the murder of his own master. With nowhere to go, Tenryu fled to Hong Kong to hide amidst the shadows, only to be swept up in a world of corruption and chaos. Perhaps he can seek redemption here…(more recent history to come)

Tenryu Taketa

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