Tai Kong

Hong Kong Executive Council Member


Easily the most hawkish Council member, Tai “King” Kong’s election was a knee-jerk reaction to recent terrorist attacks by 9×9. Kong is a retired general from the mercenary outfit Combat Inc., which used to be based in Hong Kong until a recent shift to Macao. In a move that hasn’t surprised anyone, Tai Kong has pushed for increased security spending for the sprawl and options for dealing with the refugee situation, including military options.

His proposals have been received with mixed feelings in committee, however. Corporations that stand to make billions on the military contracts—like Evo, Ares, and Baihu—back General Tai’s ideas and keep playing the fear card to gain popular support. Opponents criticize the increase in tax spending that the proposals would require, though no doubt the critics are also pushed by corporations who fear that Tai Kong’s proposals could weaken their pool of cheap refugee labor.


Tai Kong

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