Sun Jian AKA Chénmò (沉默)


6/4 Syndicate Gang Contact for the group. He’s pretty influential with Lee’s Red Dragons.

== Description ==
Silent….but deadly? The joke has been used so many times to describe Sun Jian, and it doesn’t even upset him. Why get angry about the truth? Although you don’t really hear him boast about his jobs or accomplishments. In fact, he remains tight lipped about what he does when it comes to “work,” despite his casual and friendly attitude. This has gained him some favor among local employers; they know he’s someone they can trust to keep quiet. But when it comes to, let’s say….a Run that went bad? He still doesn’t talk about it, despite it spoiling his name a bit. He’d rather keep steady work than worry about what others think of him.

== Background ==
Sun Jian can’t remember his father. That’s because his dad was a runner that lived a normal life expectancy and died before Sun Jian could get to know him. His mother, on the other hand, was a Hong Kong citizen. So when he was born, he became a citizen as well. Growing up though, his mother noticed he was bit more gifted than the rest of the kids his age. Always more active, recovering from injuries a bit faster and overall a ninja baby when it came being quiet and getting some cookies!

In his late teens he learned he was magically attuned, as well as having a natural affinity to get into trouble! Getting into trouble lead to an interest in higher end work, where money could be had. Through a network of connections and determination he got into the romanticized world of Running, which was a rude awakening. Rough start, trying to juggle learning the Runners lifestyle, yet coming home to a mother still…and she obviously didn’t approve. But he learned quick to just not bring work home with him, staying tight lipped made his mother worry a bit less. Over the years Sun Jian’s mother had health issues, and there were no signs of improvement. He kept on Running and didn’t take much notice or the weight of it didn’t hit him yet…until he came home after a week long job and she had passed.

It really hardened Sun Jian, and he decided to take a break from Running for a bit to pursue his magical tradition further. Perhaps he could have learned something that would have saved her? Could he have stopped it? Did he spend enough time with her? It kind of threw his life into chaos for a bit, but he returned a much better spell caster for it. He got right back into the lifestyle, partnered up with Gweilo again for a few Runs here and there. Good money and a life where he got to do what he enjoyed. What is there not to like?!

Sun Jian AKA Chénmò (沉默)

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