Snowdrift Katyusha

Russian arms dealer


Katusha or Katyusha (diminutive of Ка́тя (Kátja, “Katya”), in turn diminutive of Екатери́на (Jekaterína, “Katherine”).), is the English transliteration of the Russian word Катюша, a diminutive or pet name form of the name Екатерина (“Yekaterina”), along with Katyushka and Katinka, the Russian form of Catherine. Thus it is roughly analogous to the English names Kathy or Katie. It may refer to:

  • Katyusha (song), a Russian wartime song about a girl longing for her beloved
  • Katyusha rocket launcher, Soviet rocket launcher of World War II, named after the song

Snowdrift Katyusha

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