Hong Kong Executive Council Member


It’s a real pity that Council member Shan teleconferences to the Council meetings, because I’d really love to see these political figureheads staring across a conference table at an eastern dragon’s snout. That’s right, Shan is a dragon. Dragons, while not common in Hong Kong (or anywhere else for that matter),are pretty readily accepted by Chinese culture, which always gave dragons the roles of officials in the Celestial Bureaucracy. Shan isn’t really your stereotypical politician, though, or even your stereotypical dragon. To the handful of beings he considers more significant than him, he’s perfectly polite and respectful. To the many beings he sees as playthings, he’s playful, bawdy, and mischievous.

Shan is an engaging gambler; he loves to make every aspect of his life into games of strategy and chance. This extends much farther than his addiction to games of mah-jongg; his whole career is built upon a careful manipulation of risks and rewards. A corporate shark, Shan has made a fortune buying up Asian companies, remaking them, and selling them off to other corporations. He’s shown a masterful ability to take advantage of conflicts of agenda between politicians and corporations. An able mediator when the situation calls for it, Shan has also shown considerable ability to profit from discord.

Though Shan is a crafty critter, he knows he owes his position in the Executive Council to a number of smaller Asian corporations who pooled their membership on the Board of Governors to ensure his election. Baihu Corporation, Kolkata Integrated Talent and Technologies, Shibata Construction and Engineering, Tan Tien, and more call on Shan for favors to make sure the bigger corporations don’t drown their voice out.



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