Mei Sterling

Hong Kong Executive Council Member


Mei Sterling, self-made elven bazillionaire, has created a lavish living out of her self-help programs. Her first virtual course, “Finding Your Pinnacle,” sold in the billions worldwide. In it, she tells her story of rising from the mean streets of Hong Kong to the lap of luxury through a focused meditation technique where she envisions the vast reaches of her own abilities. For thirty nuyen a month, you can do it too!

Fortunately for Mei, at the pinnacle of her success she found the Horizon Group waiting. In Mei, the Horizon Group found a popular celebrity to endorse their media deregulation efforts on the Council, which eased the corporation’s absorption of many smaller Hong Kong media outlets. Mei’s devil-may-care attitude has made her a few enemies. Her open embrace of new technologies and her willingness to open Hong Kong to more foreign investment has put her dead against Chairman Deng’s protectionist agenda.


Mei Sterling

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