Johnny Spinrad


Johnny Spinrad, born Alexander Soze, was the only surviving heir of the Soze family after their personal jet crashed in the Alps while carrying the family to safety from the VITAS II epidemic. Alexander/Johnny barely survived and his body was ruined. Millions of dollars worth of cutting edge surgery was employed at the Swiss clinics to save his life – it was necessary to implant prototypes of cyberware (some of which were only to reach the market years later) to ensure he would retain a semblance of normal life. Spinrad was never the same afterward. Two months prior he had tested positive for magical talent, but the accident and surgery dashed any hope of developing it.

Bedridden for years, Alexandre submitted to regular surgical interventions and psychological counseling. Updates in cyberware and his natural growth required the former at least until his late teens. The counseling ensured that Alexander would not be mentally crippled from the accumulated trauma – loss of his limbs, his family and his magical talent – he had already suffered. Alexander’s body was rebuilt and he got the best face and physique money could buy, later becoming a walking advert for the company he would found - Spinrad Industries

He remade his public image just as he had been remade, becoming the personified, archetypal cyberman: Johnny Spinrad. He then placed himself at the heart of the company’s marketing strategy when Spinrad Industries hit the world stage with successive innovations in biotech and cybertech. As the old tagline went “Not just rad -Spinrad”!

Johnny’s off-beat personality defined his corporation’s interests, investing in any fields that met his fancy, buying what he could of the Rome, London and Paris fashion and luxury industries, diversifying into ready-to-wear companies, sports franchises, tourism and lifestyle companies.


Johnny Spinrad

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