Johnny Horsepower

Human Porn Star


Johnny Horsepower is more than just a man, he’s an entire marketing line. Since his first mainstream simsense, Johnny Horsepower has developed his own line of penile prostheses as well as performing in more daring simsense adventures. He is a huge name in the Asian Porn scene.

Some of his More popular titles include.

  • Two Girls an Elf & a Pizza Place
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop, Hard Cop
  • Master of Hardcore 2 Feat: Johnny Horsepower

Johnny has become friendly with the PCs, and they consider him a 3/5 contact these days. He stands to make a lot of money from a lucrative endorsement deal for Wuxxx’s Flesh/Feedback line of products, something that never would have happened if not for the PCs brokering the unlikely partnership.


Johnny Horsepower

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