Father Rat

Former Gutter Drek Street Mage turned Wuxing Wagemage


Nearly dead, living on scraps and whatever his rats could forage from the subway, Tom Sunderland, aka Father Rat had been carving out a life in hiding for over a decade. After being tossed aside by Cowl after his essence was sapped by experimental ritual ceremonies and plain old entropy sped along by years of injuries from near-deaths as a runner, he’d run for his life and bounced around Hong Kong and Macao for years before discovering Hong Kong’s abandoned lower subway tunnels. A member of one of Wuxing’s survey teams recognized him and enticed the wasted old man with some nebulous job offer and promises to repair his body (even his missing limb that he had attempted and failed to regenerate and his hideously deformed torso). After being worn down by years of hard living, he was ready to give anything a try, and he accepted.

After weeks of surgeries, he began rehabbing and building his new squad in Wuxing’s Market Optimization department. To those that knew him before joining Wuxing, he’s practically unrecognizable unless he introduces himself thanks to the extensive bioware cosmetic revitalization and the treatments he’s been undergoing to restore lost essence.


Father Rat

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