Deng Sai-Kan

Head of the Hong Kong Executive Council


Mr. Deng is a weasel and a corporate shill, a fifty-five year old former barrister and contract negotiator. He helped facilitate Renraku’s purchase of Xiao Technologies from Evo, no doubt the precursor that led to him being Renraku’s mouthpiece on the Executive Council. Though he is entering the twilight of his term, he has served as chairman for the past five years, which is no small feat.

Mr. Deng’s agenda has been laid out by his sponsors at Xiao-Renraku: keep NeoNET out of the city. He’s done a remarkably good job at it so far, managing to tangle all of NeoNET’s attempts in endless red tape and investigations. This has kept Hong Kong’s information infrastructure securely in the hands of Xiao- Renraku and Eastern Tiger for the past five years. Deng Sai-Kan’s days on the Executive Council are coming to a close and the winds are shifting: the newer Council members seem more concerned with the rising refugee problems and less concerned with limiting NeoNET’s influence in the city.


Deng Sai-Kan

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