Declan O'Malley AKA Dredger

Ex soldier, now a Runner...and hunted for what he has...


Human male in his younger 30’s

Favorite song while working out:

Body: 4
Agility: 6
Reaction: 4
Strength: 4
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3
Edge: 2
Essence: 5.65 (E.C.V.S. -.25) (Datajack -.1)
Initiative: 7
Magic/Resonance: N/A

Automatics: 4 (Assault Rifles +2)
Long Arms: 4
Pistols: 4
Heavy Weapons: 4
Skill Group ATHLETICS: 3 (Climbing, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming)
Gunnery: 2
Dodge: 3
Perception: 3
Unarmed Combat: 2
Diving: 2
Pilot Ground: 2
Navigation: 2
Survival: 2
Computer: 2
Infiltration: 2
Armorer: 1
Intimidation: 1
Parachute: 1 (HALO +2)

Professional Knowledge (Military, Army): 2
Street Knowledge (Underworld Politics): 2
Professional Knowledge (Firearm Design): 3
Interest Knowledge (Cybernetic Implants): 2
Street Knowledge (LoneStar Procedures): 1
Professional Knowledge (Military Security Design): 2
Professional Knowledge (Asymmetric Warfare): 2
Language, Cantonese: 2
Language, English: Native


Street Cred: 8
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: N/A

-Toughness (10 BP) +1 Dice for Body when rolling for Damage Resistance Tests

-SINNER (10 BP) Has a real SIN from UCAS/Military
-Wanted (Gained from background involving E.C.V.S. with no BP accrued)
-High Maintenance Implant (E.C.V.S.) Requires charging of 5-6 hours every 5 days (no BP accrued)

Dredger is a name given to him from a diving incident. Back when he was first trained in on military diving, he was unaware of the initiation they do on the new guy! Turns out the bottom of the river bed was FULL of silt, mud, clay deposits and algae. Not ideal conditions, to say the least. It was a task meant to be impossible, to assemble the pieces of an underwater rifle dumped into the river. But Dredger did it, and when he came back to the surface, he was covered head to toe, and all over his equipment in gunk! So they started calling him Dredger, because it seemed like he was doing the work of one already.


Content Not Found: contact-cpt-michelle-develyn
Testarosa Soriyama “Tesa”


  • Ares Predator 1 w/certificate of authenticity, taken from Runner known as Stark
  • Bubba’s Scrapbook
  • Hard drives and employee ID’s from laboratory in Gansu

NUYEN: 21,200


  • Rover Model 2068 SUV
  • SINS John Adams (4) and Zachary Taylor (4)
  • Doc Wagon contract (Basic)
  • CommLink: Response-3 System-4 Firewall-3 Signal-3 (Tutorsoft: Cantonese 3, Mapsoft 4, Linguasoft [Russian] Rating 3)
  • BioMonitor (wristband style)
  • Trauma Patch (carried in pocket at all times, just in case)



  • Cavalier Scout (holdout pistol)
    DAMAGE: 4 AP: – MODE: SA RC: – AMMO: 7©
  • Ruger Super Warhawk (heavy pistol)
    DAMAGE: 6 AP: -2 MODE: SS RC: – AMMO: 6(cy)
    ADDITIONAL UPGRADES: Internal smartgun system, Quick draw holster
    NON FACTORED BONUS: +2 Dice Pool
  • Ares Predator I
    DAMAGE: 5 AP: -1 MODE: SA RC: – AMMO: 10©
  • Ingram Smartgun X (submachine gun)
    DAMAGE: 5 AP: – MODE: BF/FA RC: 2(3) AMMO: 32©
    STANDARD UPGRADES: Smartgun system, gas-vent 2, sound suppressor, detachable folding stock
    NON FACTORED BONUS: +2 Dice Pool, -4 to Perception test to detect use
  • Onotari Xfactor III (assault rifle & standard under barrel mounted shotgun)
    DAMAGE: 6 AP: -1 MODE: SA/BF/FA RC: – AMMO: 2×30©
    DAMAGE: 7 AP: -1 MODE: SA RC: – AMMO: 5(m)
    STANDARD UPGRADES: Additional clip, advanced Safety, imaging scope (thermographic), caseless ammo
    ADDITIONAL UPGRADES: Gas-vent 3, smartgun system, shock pad, sling, sound suppressor
    NON FACTORED BONUS: +2 Dice Pool, +4 Recoil Comp
  • Shock Glove
    REACH: – DAMAGE: 5S(e) AP:-half (impact, round up)
  • Enfield GL-67 Grenade Launcher
    DAMAGE: Grenade AP: – MODE: SS RC: 1 AMMO: 20(d)
    STANDARD UPGRADES: Internal Smartgun System, Airburst Link, Shock Pad, Rigid Stock
  • Ares Desert Strike Sniper Rifle
    DAMAGE: 8P AP: -3 MODE: SA RC: (1) AMMO: 14©
    STANDARD UPGRADES: Extended Barrel, Rigid Stock with Shock Pad, detachable imaging scope


  • Scout: Normal- 28
  • Warhawk: Normal- 42
  • Ingram: Normal- 96
  • Xfactor: Normal- 130, Gel Rounds- 100, Stick-N-Shock- 58
  • Shotgun: Normal- 40 Flare shot- 5
  • Grenades: Gas- Breathtaker 6
    HE- 5
    Flash Bang- 2
    Incendiary- 2
  • Desert Strike: Normal- 30


  • Camouflage Suit
    ADDITIONAL: PPP Forearm and Shin +0/2
    TOTAL: 8/8
  • Ballistic Mask
  • Armor Jacket
  • Full Body Armor, SoftWeave Material OVERALL 12/10
    BALLISTIC: 10 IMPACT: 8 (6/4 for purpose of encumberance from SoftWeave)
    ADDITIONAL: Electrical, Cold, Fire Resistance +4, Chemical Seal
    Helmet BALLISTIC: 2 IMPACT: 2 with Ultrasound, Vision Enhancement +3


  • Aquatic Based: Diving Gear, Full Face Mask, OXSYS Artificial Gill, Diving light
  • Flashlight, light stick (x20), magnesium torch (x5), micro flare launcher, micro flares (x10), standard rope (200m), Survival kit, Cyberware Scanner (Rating 6), Ghillie suit, climbing gear, water purification tablets, backpack, x4 Rating 5 Stim Patches,

I USED to be a soldier in the UCAS Army. I USED to be respected and a part of a well renowned unit. That is probably why we were picked for the new hotness when it comes to cyber implants. EVO Corp paired up with UCAS to trial run the new augments on me and some other guys from my unit. They gave us a thick ass manual for the implant, care instructions, blah blah blah…but I was more a man who liked to jump in feet first. Plus it was a shit ton of reading! F that noise! Recovery time from the operation took a lot longer than most optical implant surgeries I’ve heard of before…probably just making extra special sure things are set up right for us. Right?

Or maybe not. The Op went bad. Real bad. The only reason me and a buddy got out of there is luck and being tough bastards. And MAYBE that new implant helped out. Like hell it was a training run! We were set up, and I know it! Who or why…I don’t know. But I mean to find out. Doesn’t seem like the Army is doing much to back me up. I’m just getting stone walled here, and I can’t even talk to my buddy who also made it out of there. Haven’t seen him since we got back, now that I think about it…

Fuck it. Seems this soldier has to figure it out on his own. Things weren’t looking good back on the home front. My Magic 8 Ball was reading “Outlook not so good” and others could see it too. Got a tip from a friend that it would be in my best interest to pop smoke and find some new stomping ground. But I had to take care of something first…fucking implant made it so these pricks could track me. And by “these pricks” I mean some jack holes who I notice following me around every now and then. Do they think I don’t see them?! Not sure who they belong to though…

And so I found Malakai Hodgins IV, and he was more than happy to help me out. Wasn’t quite black listed by the Army yet, so they footed the bill. Not like the doc had time to enjoy that payment though, because it seems “they” got wise of my plans and came after me. Doc got sucked into my mess, and it seems “they” don’t want anyone knowing about this implant or the botched Op. With some help from a friend, Malakai and I were able to get to Macao. Since we couldn’t be us anymore, we picked up Running. Our lives were, unfortunately, paired for now. He knew how to fix me, I could watch his ass if “they” showed up. Not like he had much of a choice, and I legit feel bad about him getting stuck with me.

Got a group now, done some runs, and have lake front property. What’s not to enjoy? Time to save up to grease some palms for some info…I have questions, and I’ve been plenty patient. Time for some answers.

The only easy day was yesterday…

Declan O'Malley AKA Dredger

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