Cpt Michelle Develyn

Ares Security Worker


A 6/2 contact for the group.

She’s part of Ares’s greatly reduced local workforce and a guard at rotating Ares facilities still in the area. She turned down a chance to leave with the bulk of the other workers that were relocated because of local ties.


Uses : Military equipment, military rumors
Places to Meet : Warehouse, abandoned storefront, parking


The merc corps have access to an amazing range of equipment—
weapons, armor, survival gear, uniforms, and so
much more. Some is just variations on things available at
any Stuffer Shack. Other pieces of gear are a bit harder to
come by. No matter which category it falls into, the logistics officer
has access to it. For the right price, she can make sure
that a shadowrunner has access to it as well. After all, there
are an awful lot of items that her troops need that the corp
doesn’t see fit to supply. It’s only fair that if she can supply
something, he gets something in return.

Cpt Michelle Develyn

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