Robin Li

Wuxing Director of Market Share Optimization Section


A rising star at Wuxing, Mr. Li has made a name for himself as someone able to use whatever resources are at hand in order to get the job done. His amazing record of success has landed him control of a newly minted section of Wuxing’s Adjustment Division, the curiously named “Market Share Optimization Section”.

To investors and outside observers, this is just a think tank designed to come up with outside-the-box ideas to financial dilemmas, but internal memos show that this is actually an in-house rapid response all purpose espionage and security detail. Wuxing believes themselves to be behind the game when it comes to elite corporate special forces groups, and this is their best answer. At the direction of Jing Shi, Mr. Li has formed a number of groups drawing on some existing Wuxing employees as well as many recruited Shadowrunners, a number of whom contributed to Mr. Li’s success. He is rumored to continue to have a number of contacts in the shadow community, although the creation of this division likely means that his reliance on the Shadows (and subsequently the reliance of Wuxing on the same) will greatly diminish as the department is filled out and trained.

Robin Li

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