Dr. Nick

Chrome Combat Medic


== Info ==
Street Name: Dr. Nick AKA Nick of Time
Name: Taishi Ci
Movement: 10/20
Karma: 3
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Human Male Age 37
Height 173 cm Weight 77 kilos
Composure: 5
Judge Intentions: 5
Lift/Carry: 8 (60 kg/40 kg)
Memory: 8

== Priorities ==
Metatype: E – Human
Attributes: B – 20 Attributes
Special: E – Mundane
Skills: A – 46 Skills/10 Skill Groups
Resources: B – 325,000¥

== Attributes ==
BOD: 4
AGI: 5 (6 Arms)
REA: 5 (6)
STR: 3 (6 Arms)
CHA: 2
INT: 3
LOG: 5
WIL: 3
EDG: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 1.10
Initiative: 8 (9) + 2d6
Rigger Initiative: 9 + 2d6
Astral Initiative:
Matrix AR Initiative: 9 + 2d6
Matrix Cold Initiative: 3 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative: 3 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track: 12
Stun Damage Track: 10

== Limits ==
Physical: 6
Mental: 6
Social: 3
Custom Ballistic Mask 2] (Only for intimidation, Must be visible)
Mortimer of London: Argentum Coat [
1] (Must be visible)
Security Armor: Light [+1] (Only for intimidation, Must be visible)
Astral: 6

== Active Skills ==
Aeronautics Mechanic : 2 Pool: 7
Animal Handling : 0 Pool: 1
Archery : 0 Pool: 4
Armorer : 1 Pool: 6
Automatics : 3 [Machine Pistols] Pool: 8 (10)
Automotive Mechanic : 2 Pool: 7
Biotechnology : 6 Pool: 11
Blades : 0 Pool: 4
Chemistry : 2 [Organic] Pool: 7 (9)
Clubs : 0 Pool: 4
Computer : 2 Pool: 7
Con : 0 Pool: 1
Cybercombat : 0 Pool: 4
Cybertechnology : 6 Pool: 11
Demolitions : 3 Pool: 8
Disguise : 0 Pool: 2
Diving : 0 Pool: 3
Escape Artist : 0 Pool: 4
Etiquette : 0 Pool: 1
Exotic Ranged Weapon : 5 [Parashield Dart Pistol] Pool: 10
First Aid : 6 Pool: 11
Forgery : 4 Pool: 9
Free-Fall : 0 Pool: 3
Gunnery : 0 Pool: 4
Gymnastics : 6 Pool: 11
Hacking : 0 Pool: 4
Hardware : 2 Pool: 7
Heavy Weapons : 0 Pool: 4
Impersonation : 0 Pool: 1
Industrial Mechanic : 2 Pool: 7
Instruction : 0 Pool: 1
Intimidation : 0 Pool: 1
Leadership : 0 Pool: 1
Longarms : 4 [Shotguns] Pool: 9 (11)
Medicine : 6 Pool: 11
Nautical Mechanic : 2 Pool: 7
Navigation : 2 Pool: 5
Negotiation : 0 Pool: 1
Perception : 6 Pool: 9
Performance : 0 Pool: 1
Pilot Ground Craft : 3 Pool: 9
Pilot Watercraft : 0 Pool: 5
Pistols : 0 Pool: 4
Running : 2 Pool: 6
Sneaking : 5 Pool: 10
Software : 2 Pool: 7
Survival : 0 Pool: 2
Swimming : 0 Pool: 3
Throwing Weapons : 3 [Non-Aerodynamic] Pool: 8 (10)
Tracking : 0 Pool: 2
Unarmed Combat : 1 Pool: 6

== Knowledge Skills ==
Adult Entertainment : 2 Pool: 7
Area Knowledge: Hong-Kong : 4 Pool: 7
Biology : 3 [Anatomy] Pool: 8 (10)
Cantonese : N Pool: 0
Chemistry : 3 [Pharmaceuticals] Pool: 8 (10)
Cybertechnology : 4 Pool: 9
Firearms : 1 Pool: 6
Latin : 2 Pool: 5
Literature : 3 Pool: 8
Medicine : 4 Pool: 9
Security Companies : 2 Pool: 7
Shadow Community : 2 [Safe Houses] Pool: 5 (7)
Underworld : 3 Pool: 6
Waitstaff : 2 Pool: 7

== Qualities ==
Distinctive Style
Quick Healer
SINner (National) (Taishi Ci)

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Bone Lacing (Aluminum)
Chipjack Rating 4
Cybereyes Basic System Rating 3
+Image Link
+Flare Compensation
+Low-Light Vision
+Vision Enhancement Rating 3
+Thermographic Vision
Internal Air Tank Rating 3
Nephritic screen Rating 5
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 6, STR 6, Physical 8) (Left)
+Customized Agility Rating 6
+Armor Rating 3
+Customized Strength Rating 6
+Built-in Medkit
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 6, STR 6, Physical 8) (Right)
+Customized Agility Rating 6
+Custom Heavy Pistol
+Armor Rating 3
+Cyberfinger (Injector)
+Customized Strength Rating 6
+Modular Component (Full Arm/Leg)
Platelet Factories
Skillwires Rating 3
Wired Reflexes Rating 1

== Armor ==
Ares Flashield 6
+Grenade: Flash-Pak
Custom Ballistic Mask 2
Mortimer of London: Argentum Coat 12
+Custom Fit (Stack)
+Fire Resistance 4
+Nonconductivity 6
+Thermal Damping 4
Security Armor: Helmet 3
+Camera Rating 6
Security Armor: Light 15
+Custom Fit
+Drag Handle
+Fire Resistance 2
+Gear Access
+Nonconductivity 6

== Weapons ==
Ares Crusader II
+Gas-Vent 3 System
+Personalized Grip
+Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 8 (10) Accuracy: 8 DV: 7P AP: – RC: 6
Combat Knife
Pool: 4 Accuracy: 6 DV: 6P AP: -3 RC: 3
Enfield AS-7
+Ammo Skip
+Easy Breakdown (Powered)
+Gas-Vent 3 System
+Shock Pad
+Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 9 (11) Accuracy: 6 DV: 13P AP: -1 RC: 7
Grenade: Flash-Bang
Pool: 8 Accuracy: 6 DV: 10S (10m Radius) AP: -4 RC: 3
Grenade: Gas
Pool: 8 Accuracy: 6 DV: Chemical (10m Radius) AP: – RC: 3
Grenade: Gas
Pool: 8 Accuracy: 6 DV: Chemical (10m Radius) AP: – RC: 3
Parashield Dart Pistol
+Extended Clip
+Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 0 Accuracy: 7 DV: As Drug/Toxin AP: – RC: 3
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 6 Accuracy: 6 DV: 6P AP: – RC: 3

== Commlink ==
Transys Avalon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 6, FWL: 6)
+Sim Module

== Gear ==
Ammo: APDS (Shotguns) x40
Ammo: Injection Darts (Exotic Ranged Weapons) x30
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Machine Pistols) x100
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Shotguns) x100
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Machine Pistols) x100
Bliss x10
Disposable Syringe x20
Dog Asp Venom x10
Fake SIN (Wei Yan) Rating 2
Fake SIN (Ruben Salazar) Rating 6
Gas Mask
Grenade: Flash-Bang x10
Grenade: Gas x9
+CS/Tear Gas
Grenade: Gas x4
+Neuro-Stun VIII
HemostatiX Dressing x6
Medkit Rating 6 x2
Medkit Supplies x6
Miniwelder Fuel Canister x2
NanoScan x6
Narcoject x20
Normal Saline x10
Reactive Myomer Pack
Slab x10
Slap Patch, Antidote Patch Rating 6 x6
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 6 x6
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch x6
Tool Kit (Cybertechnology)
Tool Shop (Medicine)
Vasotech MD-3X Autoinjection Gun
Zero x10

== Vehicles ==
GMC Sidewinder (SUV)
+Anti-Theft System Rating 3
+Armor (Concealed) Rating 10
+Handling Enhancement Rating 1
+Metahuman Adjustment Rating 1
+Run-Flat Tires Rating 1
+Speed Enhancement Rating 1
+Sensor Array Rating 2


Taishi Ci had a fairly normal life. Worked his way up the medical field as a paramedic, but kept pushing himself to learn more. Wanted to keep doing “field work” and did not see the appeal of being in a hospital. He saw Doc Wagon as a way to further his skills, and they were quick to pick him up. Turned out he was fairly competent in combat as well, which he proved a few times. Depending on what team he was with, they would respond to all sorts of calls. Family had an incident hiking and a kid broke a leg, fishing vessel capsized and people were drowning, low end corporate folks getting roughed up from gangers. Even a few shadowrunner types called them up. A client is a client, and Doc Wagon did their job.

The shadowrunners were always the most fun to respond to, because they had the craziest injuries and all to often they would get loaded up and be chuckling about the run they did. They would even do a few recruiting pitches now and then once stable enough to carry on full conversations, and it had some pull on Taishi Ci, but he never could quite do it. That is until he got a good push after being on the High Threat Response Team for a while. Every call they got was an application of “combat medicine.” The names of clients they would respond to were at times recognizable from some public office, a celebrity, big corporate types, etc.

During a certain call, they were going in via chopper knowing it was a hairy situation they were landing in. All they knew was the VIP was someone with money, and a foreigner there on business. Seems some folks either wanted him kidnapped or dead. The way things looked, they were going for the latter. The VIP’s car had been hit, and members of his security detail lay on the ground dead or dying. Probably why a Doc Wagon HTR was called in. These mercs were in this for keeps, because they turned on the Wagon team right away and it turned into quite the firefight. But in the end, Doc Wagon came with better gear and better men for the job. Taishi Ci was doing a quick evaluation of the VIP before escorting him to the chopper for evac, when one of the mercenary fucks had managed to play dead long enough to get a grenade off. Everything was in slow motion…..the grenade being tossed in the VIP’s direction…..the troll HTR member unleashing holy hell on that last merc…..other diving for cover…..Taishi Ci just reacted and picked up the grenade and as he was tossing it away, it had only left his hands when it went off.

The VIP was saved, but much of Taishi Ci was not. The best description for what his hands and arms looked like is just calling it meat. Pieces of shrapnel peppered his face and one of his eyes was badly damaged. He was in and out after that. Eyes flutter open and his team and the VIP are just looking at him while in the chopper. Then on an operating room table. So cold. No sense of time. Open again and looked like some recovery room, the lights out and no visitors Still alive he thought. Sleeping again. How many days has it been? Were those voices in his head, or real? They were talking about an operation. Struggle this time to get eyes open. Through the window in the hall he could see the VIP talking with doctors. Out again. This time for a while. It was even harder to come to this time. His vision felt foggy. He could tell they had really doped him up good for a while now. Then he paused when he noticed he had touched his head. With his hand that shouldn’t be working.

Long story short, he was discharged 2 weeks after he finally came out of it. And with a full load of augments on top of that! (which he added to later) Doc Wagon’s insurance policy was not able to cover all of what he had installed, which was quite extensive and expensive. After Taishi got his hands on some medical files he saw a name on the paperwork, Adrian Cheung. That was also the VIP they had rescued. Turns out he is a big wig from Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal, and wanted to express his gratitude to the man who saved him and got there in the nick of time (where he picked up his new name). Considered a liability and “broken” to the Wagon’s terms of employment, he was let go. Not long after he fell into running and joined a good group. Been with them for a few years now, and things have been good.

Dr. Nick

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